Cloudscraper set to announce itself to the world with formal launch at ING’s London HQ on 7 February 2018

Cloudscraper set to announce itself to the world with formal launch at ING’s London HQ on 7 February 2018

Cloudscraper, the only global commercial real estate exchange for buying, selling and financing, is due to announce itself to the world on 7 February 2018 at an exclusive event in London.


Cloudscraper has created a unified trading and communications platform for all parties involved in the commercial real estate ecosystem. Managing disjointed deals and their participants are issues of the past. The worlds of PropTech and FinTech combine to revolutionise the commercial real estate sector.


In reflecting the current deal inception points among the various parties involved at the relevant stages throughout the journey of a deal, Cloudscraper has developed cutting-edge technology and tools to make the entire deal instigation, discovery and management processes substantially more efficient, simpler, and faster. Unifying all trading participants, Cloudscraper links trading opportunities, stakeholders, their advisors, and equity and debt capital all into an integrated network.


The company, which is headquartered in London with offices in Tel Aviv, Dublin and Berlin, has undergone a highly successful ‘stealth’ period since its inception in 2014, attracting more than 100 global organisations representing assets in excess of $200 billion – and now Cloudscraper is formally and publicly launching to lead the unstoppable dynamic and technological change occurring within the commercial real estate sector.


Cloudscraper’s formal launch is being hosted by ING at its London HQ, in cooperation with CREFC-Europe, and will welcome guests, users and senior executives from UK and European real estate organisations, as well as government officials and other friends and supporters.


It is Cloudscraper’s privilege to welcome a number of distinguished speakers providing viewpoints regarding the impact of the coming wave of Property Technologies and how Cloudscraper is leading the industry with a unifying industry platform for commercial real estate. Speakers at the event include Cloudscraper Chief Financial Officer Matthew Webster, ING Chief Innovation Officer Wholesale Banking Annerie Vreugdenhil and DLA PIPER Head of UK Real Estate William Naunton.


Annerie will be discussing the importance of innovation at ING and the impact of disruption by emerging technologies across sectors, with a focus on real estate finance, over the coming year. William will be discussing the ways in which innovation has impacted the legal sector, particularly in relation to real estate transactions, in recent years, and the potential opportunities afforded by the growing pace of technological change in other sectors.


The event takes place from 18.30-20.30, with guests arriving from 18.15, though the press are invited to arrive at 17.15 to attend a special private screening at 17.30. It is an invitation-only event. Should anyone have an interest in attending, please contact the company contact listed below.


The market for Cloudscraper is immense. Global real estate assets are valued at some $217trn – 2.7 times the world GDP. It also represents 60% of all global assets, making it the largest asset class on the planet, while every year close to a trillion dollars’ worth of commercial real estate is traded worldwide.


Cloudscraper’s purpose is to empower all parties by providing a single unified ecosystem that facilitates secure, standard and efficient communication and deal processes throughout the depth of the commercial real estate industry, whilst providing a hub for integration with existing systems and platforms.


Furthermore, Cloudscraper has also created the first-of-its-kind CS Ticker Symbol system to help provide order to the fragmented and chaotic global structure of the industry.


Cloudscraper CTO Martin Sekel says: “The complexities of building this platform have been extensive as we really are breaking new ground. Our aim was not to change the essence and tradition of the industry and its processes, but to evolutionarily digitize them into a single and unified solution.”


Cloudscraper CFO Matthew Webster comments: “The commercial real estate industry is set to undergo massive change and Cloudscraper will lead from the front. While technology has already demonstrably impacted the residential property market, the commercial world is tremendously lagging. Yet in this market too, professionals are desperately looking to find ways of utilising technology to make things quicker, easier, more accurate and cost effective.


“Companies are today reliant on tablets and mobile phones, so being able to access the right information, statistics and data conveniently and in real-time is integral to effective and productive operations.


“While the technology may have changed, the way people work has not – Cloudscraper allows all parts of the sum to connect easily, communicate and exchange data with minimal fuss, saving both time and money. We have adopted a holistic approach to everything we do to network and connect the real estate industry on a platform that will change the landscape forever.”


Cloudscraper Executive Chairman and CEO Moses Gottlieb states: “After over three years developing the technology, the company is ready for global roll-out – now is the time to leverage the Cloudscraper platform for market participants to stay relevant in an industry undergoing unstoppable dynamic change.”

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