Contemporary pots from Kept Edition please succulent savvy nation

Contemporary pots from Kept Edition please succulent savvy nation

Houseplants are cropping up in every stylish home, contemporary office and chic eatery across the nation and the, easy to care for, succulent plant is proving to be incredibly popular during this green fingered revival. Amongst the selection of carefully curated stock available at the lifestyle store, Kept Edition offers a charming collection of contemporary pots, created by up and coming designers, to help the new succulent savvy nation keep their plants looking as forward thinking as the rest of their home.

Formed with the aim to build a vibrant destination for high quality goods, spanning across both fashion and homeware, Kept Edition hand picks every designer and their wares that are featured on their lifestyle platform. Realising the drive that their consumers have towards creating a calm and inspiring space within their homes using natural greenery, the online shopping destination stocks planters and vases from design houses such as Louise Madzia and OK Concrete, who have both respectively become known amongst the world of interiors for their unique take on home and garden wares.

Paolo Rizzo, founder of Kept Edition commented, “Consuming is definitely becoming more and more conscious as the years go on, and this is reflected in the purchasing choices that are becoming prevalent in widespread culture. The recent resurgence in houseplants is a reflection of this change in attitude. Numerous studies have suggested that these decorative plants can increase wellbeing in many ways by aiding concentration, lowering blood pressure and purifying the air within its environment.”

Rizzo continued, “Nowadays, many people live in small houses or rented apartments where access to a garden is not possible, also making these transportable plants a great way to add nature to any space. At Kept Edition, we stock a selection of quirky pots, made by boutique designers and craftsmen, to help house a tiny plant to perfection.”

Fans of the industrial look will love the combination of geometry and rugged materials that is seen in the collection from OK Concrete. Using concrete mixed in light and dark colours, there is a range of pyramid, octahedron and icosahedron shaped pots available, as the natural symmetry seen in many succulent plants is reflected in these linear planters.

For something with a more quirky character, the miniature hand-made pots from Louise Madzia feature cartoon like sketches, finished with a half glaze for a variety of textures.

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