Radon gas eliminated in Forest of Dean home

Radon gas eliminated in Forest of Dean home

A homeowner in beautiful Coleford in the Forest of Dean is enjoying the benefits of much improved indoor air quality and a significant reduction in the risk of Radon, thanks to the installation of a ventilation unit from EnviroVent.

Jacky Smith had a Mr Venty Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) system installed in her three bedroom home after Public Health England assessed her property and found it far exceeded safe Radon levels.  The readings were particularly high downstairs at 250 Bq m-3 and upstairs it was 190 Bq m-3 which was a concern for her as the UK target level is 100 Mq m-3. The house also had condensation and mould growth in some rooms, which was a result of poor indoor air quality and high humidity.

Jacky Smith said: “I researched online and found EnviroVent on the Green Building Forum talking about ventilation.  I liked the sound of their PIV system, as it not only reduced Radon levels, but also condensation too.”

Jacky contacted EnviroVent and Nathalie Rush, Ventilation Specialist, surveyed the property and recommended a Mr Venty PIV system.

Public Health England carried out monitoring three and six months after the ventilation system was fitted.  The readings demonstrated that levels had fallen to well below the target level, in the case of the bedroom it was down to just 33 Bq m-3 and downstairs it was 80 Bq m-3 – a great result!

Jacky Smith said: “It’s got rid of the problem with Radon which is now at a very safe level.  What has impressed me just as much is the change in humidity in the house.  Condensation for the first time since I’ve lived here is no longer an issue and the indoor air is much fresher and it doesn’t feel at all damp.  It even feels warmer as the warm air is being circulated around my home, which I’m sure will save me overall on my energy bills.”

Radon is measured in becquerels and the National Radiological Protection Board has advised the Government that a home with Radon levels of 200 becquerels or more should be reduced to below 100 Bq m-3. Radon is mainly found in areas with high levels of granite and other igneous rocks and is particular prevalent in areas such as the South West and the East Midlands – check if your area is affected by Radon via the link http://www.ukradon.org/information/

Nathalie Rush, EnviroVent Specialist Ventilation Advisor, said: “Radon is quite a big issue in some regions, former mining areas seem to have the highest levels, but it affects other areas too.  Effective ventilation through our Mr Venty® system helps to reduce Radon gas levels and therefore minimises risks to occupants.  These systems also have a very positive benefit by improving indoor air quality in the home, which helps to create a healthier living environment.”

Radon gas affects around 500,000 homes across the UK. The World Health Organisation’s new recommended target is 100 Becquerels, which means far more properties are at risk.

It is staggering to realise that if an individual spends eight hours per day in a building with average radon levels of 200 Bq/m3, the radiation dose that person’s lungs would receive over one year would be the equivalent to if they had undergone 112 chest x-rays.  This is the reason that EnviroVent is advising people living in Radon hot spots to have their home radon levels tested.

EnviroVent’s range of Mr Venty® Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) and MIV (Multiple Input Ventilation) Air Source Units are effective at reducing and controlling Radon levels in the home to below 200 becquerels. These methods of ventilation force out the contaminated air from the home by supplying fresh, filtered air into the property at a continuous rate.

According to the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB), health studies have linked exposure to Radon to the increased risk of lung cancer.   The World Health Organization (WHO) also reveals that Radon exposure leads to between 3 and 14 per cent of all lung cancer cases.

For a free home survey or further information on Radon, please contact EnviroVent on 01423 810810, email enquiries@envirovent.com or visit http://www.envirovent.com/home-ventilation . For more information on Radon, visit www.radonassociation.co.uk

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