Drainage specialist Dallmer expands its product portfolio

Drainage specialist Dallmer expands its product portfolio

Tastes and requirements can differ dramatically which means lots of product choices/styles need to be available. Dallmer has responded to this demand by adding two more new flush-in-floor shower channels to its DallFlex system, which means it now offers a total of more than 100 combination options. Its new shower channels for flush-in-floor installation are CeraFloor Individual and CeraFrame Individual. This brings the number of Dallmer shower channels that can be combined with a single drain body to an impressive nine! So when it comes to designing your bathroom, the sky now really is the limit!

Invisible and still aesthetic

CeraFloor Individual is the elegant shower channel for flush-in-floor installation that boasts outstanding design and leading-edge technology. The shower channel comes in a length of 1500 mm and can be shortened to suit the specific shower area. Used in combination with the DallFlex drain body, the whole system is easy to clean thanks to the removable trap insert.

CeraFrame Individual is a compact, short shower channel for flush-in-floor installation. The only thing you can see is a discreet 300 x 50 mm rectangle. The short shower channel is the perfect frame for a minimalist cover plate.


The covers of both shower channels can be individually tiled enabling them to blend harmoniously with the bathroom landscape. As well as the tileable version, these new products are also available in stainless steel and with a matt PVD coating in the colours anthracite, rose gold and brass.

Expanded offering with BIM data

In addition to the new products, Dallmer has expanded its offering by launching BIM data for their DallFlex system and CeraLine product ranges. The BIM data is compatible with ArchiCAD, Revit and IFC and can be found on the website of Dallmer and BIMobject.

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