EGGER is a family business, founded in 1961, with its first chipboard plant in St Johann, Austria, which is still the company’s head office today.

Since then the company has grown to 17 plants in seven countries and 23 Sales offices worldwide with over 7,000 employees. EGGER has two plants in the UK; Hexham in Northumberland and Barony in Ayrshire.

The Hexham plant was established in 1984 and is the company’s UK headquarters, it was also the group’s first foreign plant investment, the location was ideal due to its close proximity to renewable wood sources and sawmills. The site produces raw chipboard and Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) products for the furniture market and tongue & groove flooring for the construction industry.

The EGGER Group is one of the largest manufacturers of wood based materials in Europe. Its products are used in the construction, furniture and interior design sectors. Catering for all markets, EGGER products can be seen in walls, roofs and flooring in residential/commercial applications, offices, hotels and retail outlets.

Why choose EGGER?

EGGER has built its reputation on innovation, always striving to be at the forefront of design and technology.

The company focuses on providing a high quality product, whilst maintaining the very highest levels of service. From its sample shop to account management team, the customer is always the focus.

EGGER also invests heavily in the latest technology to produce consistently high quality products. Since 2006 EGGER has made a series of investments totalling almost £250 million to ensure its Hexham site is one of the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly chipboard production plants in Europe.

From the tree through to the end product, EGGER operates a closed cycle. The emphasis is placed on sustainable raw materials with fully integrated plants which rely on the shortest possible transport routes. Very little waste is generated in chipboard manufacturing – the little that is produced is either put back into the production process as a raw material or used as an energy source.

Leading the way in flooring solutions

The Advanced Structural Flooring System (ASFS) is EGGER’s flagship structural flooring solution for the construction industry and designed to work in six simple steps.

EGGER is so confident in producing stronger, better chipboard floors, the Advanced Structural Flooring System comes with a lifetime guarantee to give installers complete peace of mind on every floor laid using the Advanced fitting method.

At its heart is the company’s portfolio of structural P5 grade chipboard flooring boards with enhanced moisture resistant properties. The range includes EGGER P5, EGGER Peel Clean Xtra and EGGER Protect.

The system combines three key components; the EGGER tongue and groove flooring grade chipboard range which is manufactured using diamond tipped tooling to ensure tight, highly consistent joints, its super-strength Joint and Joist D4 Adhesive and a proven easy to use fitting method.

EGGER also manufactures a selection of OSB3 and OSB4 products in a variety of thicknesses for a range of uses including timber frame and SIPS construction.

The latest addition to its innovative product portfolio is EGGER OSB HDX, which is a 30mm heavy duty load bearing OSB panel, ideal for use as mezzanine flooring where 38mm chipboard would typically be used. EGGER OSB HDX is 12% larger than a 38mm chipboard panel, yet 20% lighter meaning floors can be laid quickly and easily.

The company is also the first major flooring manufacturer in the UK to invest in BIM technology to ensure its products are readily available to architects and specifiers at the earliest stage of any construction project.

Contact info:



T. 0845 602 444 (charged at local rate)

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