Elderly home plan on Beaumaris Primary school site criticised

Elderly home plan on Beaumaris Primary school site criticised

Despite fierce criticism, controversial plans to build housing for the elderly on the grounds of a school have been approved.

Following a meeting on the 19th February, Anglesey council’s executive voted to push ahead with the extra care facility in Beaumaris.

However, the plans have been criticised, with sceptics claiming that the town will be filled with “a lot of older people”.

Llinos Medi, the council leader, claimed that while the site was “not perfect”, the accommodation was simply needed in the area.

The decision comes very shortly after a consolation ended the future of Beaumaris Primary School, which has been recommended for closure.

The plans outline that the extra care facility will be built on the grounds of the school, however there are growing fears in the time it’ll take to achieve this, with it being suggested it may have to be shut for two years while building work takes place.

A petition that has been set up to urge the council to rethink their plans currently has 1,000 signatures to it, but whether it leads to anything – or garners more signatures – remains to be seen.

Seiriol ward councillor Lewis Davies, Beaumaris mayor Jason Zalot and the head of the school’s board of governors said the executive had failed to listen to the community.

Councillor Davies expanded on this claim and claimed that if the school closed, Beaumaris would become the first town in the entire of Wales that wouldn’t have a primary school, which naturally would be detrimental for the status of the town.

He said: “Most people in Beaumaris and the area want a smaller school on the site and some of the land to be used to build affordable housing to attract and keep the young people living in the town.

“Instead, the council are creating a town of empty summer houses and a lot of older people.”

Meanwhile, Ms Medi believes that while the site for the extra care facility is far from ideal, it’s still close to the local shops as well as transport links.

She said: “We recognise there has been opposition to the school site, but there is no doubt that it is the best possible choice for a brand new extra care housing facility to serve the residents of south Anglesey”.

The executive is expected to decide on the school consultation in March.

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