The fusion of property & technology

The fusion of property & technology

The traditional values of the housing industry are evolving with property technology (proptech). The way purchasers view and buy properties has shifted more towards digital solutions and a surge in the popularity of home gadgets has meant that a smart home lifestyle is now more attainable than ever before. Because of this, proptech experts are advising the housing industry to become more digitally savvy to keep up with the demand of consumers.

Classic Folios, the industry experts of handover solutions, have created Hoozzi, a game-changing online portal, designed to revolutionise the way in which housebuilders foster long term relationships with their customers, offering repeated positive brand experiences.

Hoozzi delivers more than the average online portal. Hoozzi takes the work off the developers’ hands, providing an outstanding customer service solution that includes detailed, plot-specific information and a broad range of how-to content that reduces the number of queries that may arise throughout the customer journey.

Hoozzi’s innovative functionality keeps everything in one place. From floor plans, paint colours and appliance manuals, to a defect management module, users won’t have to look elsewhere for anything home related, saving themselves and the housebuilder from time-consuming phone calls.

Features in Hoozzi have been designed to make the process of moving and living in a new property as easy as possible. Homebuyers will have access to an area guide function that provides local information surrounding their new property, including ratings for schools, demographics, health centres and more. Hoozzi Services helps to arrange a multitude of services and products, from finding a removal company and arranging the installation of broadband and TV services, to selecting the right home and contents insurance.

Research has shown that it’s not just emails and phone conversations that improve customer care. Consumers want to be able to find out information themselves. Technology allows people to Google a query, finding the answer in seconds. Property developers need to be able to provide answers to queries about a new home in the same capacity.

Whether through social media or mobile technology, consumers expect 24/7 communication for when things go wrong, and this can take up a lot of time for property developers. A notification module on Hoozzi allows housebuilders to communicate directly with the buyer, informing them of road closures or a site issue before the customer needs to make a complaint. This informative technology allows developers to stay ahead of the game, building trust with their customers that increases referrals and repeat purchases.

David Graydon, Managing Director at Classic Folios, commented: “Hoozzi is a product that has evolved with the feedback received from our clients and the need to stay at the top of our game, within the digital age. Hoozzi has been a real game changer in the market and an excellent way for housebuilders and buyers to keep all aspects of the customer journey on one easy-to-use portal.”

Consumers wish to be wowed by their properties and expect excellent customer service at all times. Classic Folios recognises this and has always had customer care at the heart of everything they do, focusing on making the lives of both property developers and purchasers as easy as possible, earning themselves the position of market leaders in the home handover industry.


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