Garador launches an affordable roller garage door for modern homes

Garador launches an affordable roller garage door for modern homes

Roller garage doors, with their clean streamlined looks and space saving design, are top favourites for modern homes.  Now there is a brand new roller garage door on the market offering great functionality and design…but at a more affordable price point than traditional roller garage doors.

Garador, the UK’s leading garage door manufacturer, has launched GaraRoll Lite, an exciting new economy roller garage door.

GaraRoll Lite comes with a number of excellent features.   For a start, it has been designed with ultra-modern smooth aluminium laths indented with subtle linear grooves, an attractive style element.  There is a range of three deco paint colour finishes, including timber effect.

The door is also supplied with a cover box as standard.  This galvanised steel box completely covers the door curtain, much neater than the partial hood offered by many other models. It also offers protection from dust and dirt.

Powered by a tubular driven operator, the GaraRoll Lite lifts and closes with ease. It even comes with a hand crank so the door can be opened and closed in the event of a power cut. The GaraRoll Lite comes as a fully automated garage door as standard, using 433MHz handsets to operate the door. These use rolling code technology for top security, so no one can copy your door signal. With this automatic operation comes another great safety feature –  GaraRoll Lite has an optical sensor built into the seal at the bottom of the door curtain. If it meets an obstruction, it will automatically stop the door and put it into reverse.

GaraRoll Lite even comes with a two minute courtesy light inside the garage, ideal for returning home on a dark night.

Plus of course GaraRoll Lite, like all roller garage doors, offers that great extra space both in the garage and also on the drive way in front of the garage, crucial in homes when you need to park on the drive or want to access the roof of the garage for storage or for loft access.

With so many great features, a low price point and easy installation, GaraRoll Lite is an exciting new addition to the market. Find out more by visiting


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