Housing crisis is getting worse according to majority of councillors

Housing crisis is getting worse according to majority of councillors

According to a new survey, more than six out of 10 local councillors are of the belief that the current housing crisis is getting worse, while 43% agree that the Green Belt should be reviewed.

Newgate Communications have published the Planning Committee Barometer, which details that over half of councillors believe that the slow build out rates by developers is to blame for the housing crisis.

Just 18% of the councillors that were surveyed claimed that community opposition was the reason for more housing not being developed.

Over two-thirds of councillors said that their key priority was to ensure that affordable homes were on offer, with just 18% claiming that preserving the Green Belt was a top issue.

Rebecca Eatwell, managing partner at Newgate Communications, spoke in depth about the topic, and said: “Local councillors clearly think that the housing crisis is getting worse and there was a general feeling in the research that developers are a big part of the problem. I think this reflects a wider reputational issue facing the industry at present.

“With the Government targeting developers with claims of landbanking and fingers being pointed around the lack of affordable housing you can see why.

“As some of the councillors we surveyed said, while there is some Green Belt that is sacrosanct there’s also plenty that’s low value. It’s definitely true that not all Green Belt was created equal and I think we’re long overdue a rational debate about it.”

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