How can housebuilders harness buyers’ interest

How can housebuilders harness buyers’ interest

Rob Holroyd, Contracts Manager at Easy Bathrooms identifies how housebuilders can harness buyers’ interest with interior design. 

The perfect bathroom varies so much from person to person, meaning that when choosing products for new build schemes, designers often opt for pared back designs. And there’s nothing wrong with that; a simple, functional look is a safe bet to appeal to the majority of people.

But there are scenarios where daring to go bold can pay off.

Buyers are increasingly becoming interested in interior design, which is often why show homes are the first units in a new build scheme to be reserved – people want the finished look without the hassle.

With unlimited access to Instagram and Pinterest, society is more attuned to the world of interior design than ever before – and it is important that housebuilders are harnessing this interest.

When working on developments where the prospective buyer is easy to ‘profile’, developers are able to home in on the trends that they are demanding. For example, at the very top end of the market, with stately-style properties, the buyers are often families who are looking for the perfect luxury home. In this instance, specifiers are able to make choices that appeal to a high-end, grand style, such as a copper freestanding bath with marble covered walls and floors.

At the first-time buyer end of the market, customers are becoming more and more tech, design and style savvy, meaning that they don’t want ‘bog standard’ finishes. This is often the client who has invested the majority of their cash into their new home, and don’t have the money to spruce up their homes post-completion; they want it installed from the start.

The need for well-chosen pieces is huge.

On the other hand, if developers are building country-style homes, they are able to tap into timeless designs that have been seen in English homes for many years, such as herringbone floors. This can be incorporated into the bathroom in a modern way with the installation of letterbox tiles in a herringbone format.

Scottish residents often opt for Nordic styles, embracing the concept of ‘hygge’, pastel tones and clean lines, meaning that rustic, wood-effect plank tiles could be a good option.

When profiling buyers in such a way, it is important to speak to them about their likes, dislikes and overall style, and transform it into a scheme that is going to work for them, their families and their everyday lives.




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