Caple unveil their new TDI4000 integrated tumble dryer

Caple unveil their new TDI4000 integrated tumble dryer

Caple is leading the way in revolutionary drying with the new A+ TDI4000 integrated tumble dryer. This exceptional appliance features a heat pump, which generates warm air from the dyer then pumps this back into the drum, to dry your laundry.

There is even a handy indoor water container, so you can easily see when this is full and needs emptying following a cycle. Afterwards, you simply place this vessel neatly back inside the door.

Caple Product manager Luke Shipway explains: “Our new TDI4000 tumble dryer has been designed with a heat pump and sensor drying, which monitors the humidity/moisture of the clothes in the drum then adjusts the programme time accordingly. This method is extremely energy efficient as it uses 50% of the energy which would be used for a conventional tumble dryer.

“You can even benefit from reverse tumble action, so the drum will spin on both directions, which ensures every inch of your washing dries completely and efficiently. Our TDI4000 protects clothes much better than other tumble dryers on the market, as the internal air does not need to heat as much. This new model is packed full with functionality and innovative

features, making this built-in tumble dryer one of the best on the market.”

The TDI4000 features 15 programmes, including those for anti-allergy, refresh and pre-iron, and it even caters for small loads, mix and dry and sportswear, too. With a 7kg drying capacity, this roomy machine reduces creasing and is ideal for those who are looking for an eco-friendly drying solution for their laundry. With a red LED display, this appliance reaches a maximum sound level of 67dB.

The TDI4000 measures 596mmW by 825-850mmH by 487mmD, it has been designed to complement Caple’s new WMI4000 washing machine and it costs from around £921 including VAT.

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