David Philips reinvents the way we furnish our properties

Established in 1998 the company works with more than 12,500 customers covering the entire spectrum of the property market, from letting and managing agents

Established in 1998 the company works with more than 12,500 customers covering the entire spectrum of the property market, from letting and managing agents, large investors, developers, housebuilders and social housing organisations to individual landlords. David Phillips already offer a wide range of specialist furniture with over 1,500 items to choose from and a stock of over £1 million housed in 60,000 sq ft spanning the UK with sites in Edinburgh, Manchester and London. 

The new rental business will assist property professionals who as a result of the dramatic turn of events in 2007 found the UK property sector thrust into a recession which has meant banks, developers and landlords have had to be cost conscious and manage budgets accordingly. 

The David Phillips Rental Service which caters to every budget is the solution for relocation and letting agents, corporate lets, investors and developers focused on dressing to sell with packages starting from £83 pm and can be as much as 50 per cent less than the competition. Up front cash savings, the ability to match rental income and property expenditure are additional benefits to property professionals, but also for asset managers the new rental business can be the solution to their furnishing needs in this time of economic downturn. 

For property professionals the process is further simplified with five packs to choose from, starting at entry level with the Rapid Pack, which offers a range of practical essentials, then there is the Investors Pack for the more contemporary property and the Executive Pack which will give a polished and modern feel. You also have the choice to create a totally bespoke design with the help of the David Phillips Design team, who can ensure the package meets both your taste and budget. 

The two high end packages – the Associate Pack and the Director Pack both offer more design led themes to your furnishings. Each of the five rental packages are tailored to save time and money for property professionals and offer nationwide next day delivery of high quality, stylish and contemporary furniture delivered with excellent service.

Commenting on the new Rental Service, David Phillips Chief Executive, Nicholas Gill, said: “Still a young concept in the UK, we believe that the new Furniture Rental service offers the best combination of price, choice, flexibility and service in the UK. We have witnessed at close quarters the problems the property market and importantly property professionals have faced and continue to face and have launched the David Phillips Rental Service to provide more flexible approach to furnishing properties. For asset managers looking to marry incoming cashflows with outgoing liabilities, it can make compelling financial sense too”. 

“We deliver 30 tonnes of furniture and make up to 190 deliveries each day, which puts us at the front lines of the property sector and with the launch of the new service we want to be able to give property professionals control and flexibility when furnishing their investment”.

For further information on David Phillips or their furnishing please visit http://www.davidphillips.com/or call 0845 088 088

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