Elevate Property Group tap into Birmingham’s 19th century heritage

Elevate Property Group tap into Birmingham’s 19th century heritage

Elevate Property Group has unveiled its plans to bring a derelict site in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter back to life in its latest project in the city.

It has submitted plans for 14 townhouses, 42 apartments and 3,500 sq ft of commercial space in a development to be called Heaton House Lofts in Camden Street.

The residential accommodation will include three and four bedroom townhouses and one and two bedroom apartments, but what sets this project apart is the recreation of a part of Birmingham’s history.

The development will also include a large 3,362 sq ft four bedroomed house, with paved garden terrace and its own private garage, in recognition of the site’s historical roots.

The original Heaton House was a 19th century villa in Camden Street, which at the time was part of the middle class suburban developments that grew up on the fringes of the city centre in Birmingham.

The development was subsequently swallowed up in the expansion of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter and by the end of the century Heaton House had been converted to form part of a large industrial works.

In a paper providing an architectural and archaeological assessment written by historic buildings consultant Richard Morriss, it states: “The complex of buildings centred on Heaton House is a good example of the industrialisation of the middle class suburban fringes of Birmingham in the later 19th century – a process particularly common in the area to the north of the town centre in what is now called the Jewellery Quarter.

“The original house would have been a rather fine example of gentleman’s suburban residence of the early 19th century, set within its own miniature landscaped park.”

Heaton House was the home of a leading Birmingham merchant, William Cotterill. It was said to be the second oldest residential property in Birmingham.

The building and its outbuildings were subsequently altered to fit their new roles in industry and in recent years have become disused.

Now Elevate Property Group, which has a reputation for the sympathetic regeneration of historic buildings, has undertaken to bring the site back into residential use.

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