Enviro have saved Chess Charity Shelter Home 47% on energy bills

David Norris, owner of the EnviroGlaze Ltd has donated a Magic Heating Box to the charity CHESS

David Norris the owner of the EnviroGlaze Ltd group, working in the renewable energy sector, has donated a Magic Heating Box to the charity CHESS.

CHESS is an organisation who looks after the homeless in the area. They provide much needed support and care for people and most importantly they provide them with a place to stay. The Magic Heating Box is a system that connects onto the central heating system and reduces fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

David Norris wanted to contribute to the work Chess does; whilst a donation can only last until the money has been spent, the Magic Heating Box will require no maintenance and will reduce their fuel costs for years on end.

“After visiting one of their shelters in Essex, I realised the Magic Heating Box would be perfect for them as it has spread the heat throughout the shelter evenly and has produced a radiant heat. I hope this will give the homeless a comfier stay.” – David Norris.

New figures from the installation of a Central Heating Management has shown high savings on energy bills at the CHESS homeless shelter in Chelmsford. After more testing at the property it can now be confirmed that the property has reached a saving of 47%. The charity that relies on charity events along with people that provide regular contributors has no Government funding other than services that are offered from the NHS. From fund raising the charity now owns three properties in Chelmsford City that are there to help support the homeless during their troubled time.

”We wanted to donate a product that was going to give the charity homeless shelter a saving for many years, we donated a Central Heating Management System and the product has exceeded expected savings, from speaking to people employed at the charity and people that live at the property it is clear that we have made a big difference helping the charity whilst energy bills are at an all time high. As time goes on we will continue to visit the property measuring how much they have saved each month”. Said Director David Norris

Occupants at the property have also noticed other improvements in the central heating system. ”Since the installation I have noticed that the property is getting much warmer which means that I can now turn down the thermostat” said Mr Julian who currently lives at the Shelter home.

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