A fresh look at smart home developments

A fresh look at smart home developments

With Smart home being a hot topic amongst developers right now, Smartn have provided a fresh look at what can be done to generate return on investment for developers interested in smart home.

With a team of IT professionals, they are working with developers to provide smart home systems that can increase revenue for developers at the same time as creating more energy efficient homes.

About Smartn

As technology in the home becomes increasingly focussed on wireless technology, run from cloud based services, Smartn are positioned as industry leading wireless smart home installers. A forward-thinking company that uses the very latest in technology and cloud services to bring more smart homes to a wider audience.

Through their expertise in IT, they ensure that they are well placed for the direction smart home technology is heading, creating connected homes, that are not only initially impressive, but can continually improve for years to come without upgrading the devices.

What Smartn can provide for developers.

In a new and uncertain market, Smartn can ensure that smart home for your development is carefully planned to create an eco-system that is cost effective, simple to use and reliable. They will plan and manage the complete supply, install and configuration of your smart home system. Most importantly though they will provide direct customer support, so once your development is sold, or rented, they will handle the customer from this point on.

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