Fulcrum supports UK house building targets with launch of new division

Fulcrum supports UK house building targets with launch of new division

Fulcrum, the UK’s market leading independent energy and multi-utility infrastructure and services provider, has launched a dedicated housing division as it increases its activity in the domestic property sector.

The division will build upon Fulcrum’s existing housing experience to provide multi-utility connections to new build developments and the retro-fitting of pipelines to existing residential properties. 

Alongside its gas connections expertise, Fulcrum has also increased the skills of its engineers to design and deliver electricity connection services and the installation of utility meters to provide a more comprehensive and efficient service to housing developers.

Through the creation of a specialist housing team, the company also offers a more responsive and timely service to housing developers with sector-appropriate project lead times and delivery programmes.

Fulcrum has also further bolstered its team to support the new division with specialist gas and electricity infrastructure designers.  The company has also brought in industry specialist Lorraine Duffy who will head up the company’s housing operations.  

The housing industry will also benefit from Fulcrum’s position as one of only six independent UK companies that can own installed gas pipelines. Fulcrum designs, installs, owns and maintains new gas infrastructure to domestic properties and business premises to receive gas from the UK Gas network.  The company also holds a significant national contract to provide connections to properties for British Gas, which was recently extended until 2018.   

Martin Donnachie, CEO of Fulcrum, said: “The creation of a dedicated housing division will strengthen Fulcrum’s offering to the sector and support the country’s growing housing requirements and developers’ ambitions for the delivery of integrated, efficient and cost-effective housing projects. 

“The broad expertise of the team at Fulcrum, which has been reinforced with additional domestic multi-utility infrastructure skills, will enable the company to provide an even more responsive and dedicated service to the housing market.”

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