GROHE SmartControl shower technology re-imagined for new kitchen taps

GROHE SmartControl shower technology re-imagined for new kitchen taps

Drawing inspiration from the  GROHE SmartControl showers range, characterised by buttons which you push and turn to select different spray patterns and adjust water volume, the same design vision has now been brought to the kitchen, in a bid to achieve truly intuitive and ergonomic design.

With the SmartControl kitchen tap range, GROHE has replaced the standard kitchen tap lever with an intelligent, outward-facing button positioned at the end of the tap’s spout to create a completely new user experience. Perfect for when hands are full with pots and pans or unclean from cooking, the ergonomic design prioritises user-friendliness while also helping to reduce the spread of harmful germs and bacteria in the home.

With a simple push of the button, the water can be instantly turned on and off. Once the stream of water has been activated, the volume of water – scalable from a water-saving eco-spray to a powerful jet-spray – can be adjusted smoothly and precisely with just a twist of the button for a perfect, personalised water flow. GROHE has developed the function in response to increasing demand for ‘greener’ solutions to be made available for the home.

This is a simple yet effective feature that will encourage homeowners to be more mindful of how much water they may be using or wasting whilst washing up, preparing food or undertaking other kitchen chores. For added convenience, the eco setting can also be automatically pre-selected as standard on request.

“Our new GROHE SmartControl kitchen tap range emulates the mega-trend prediction we foresaw last year. Consumers are increasingly opting for transitional new style living spaces that blend and redefine our current perception of the kitchen and bathroom in 2020,” comments Paul Bailey, Senior Category Manager at GROHE UK.”

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