Häfele brings the Vauth-Sagel Cornerstone Maxx to the UK market

Häfele brings the Vauth-Sagel Cornerstone Maxx to the UK market

Furniture fittings and architectural hardware specialist Häfele and storage specialist Vauth-Sagel have teamed up to bring the renowned Cornerstone Maxx storage unit to the UK market.

The Cornerstone Maxx is exclusively available from Häfele UK, giving UK audiences the opportunity to benefit from this innovative, sleek and highly functional storage solution.

The Cornerstone Maxx transforms previously wasted and inaccessible kitchen corner-space into a key storage asset. Shelves extend and glide out from the cabinet in a straight line, confining the travel path to the area of the carcass. This provides maximum convenience without impeding access to neighbouring cabinets or the dishwasher.

The two floating-design shelf surfaces are capable of holding up to 25kg each and come in a white finish, bordered by a railing element.

Easy fit, tool-free mounting of the shelves couples with height-adjustment versatility – even when installed. Designers and engineers have worked in close collaboration to ensure ease of installation with just five steps required for the Cornerstone Maxx to be fully functional.

Craig Chambers, MD, Häfele UK comments: “We have developed a strong partnership with Vauth-Sagel and the launch of the Cornerstone Maxx to the UK market further exemplifies our commitment to delivering industry-leading, top quality solutions.

“This is a truly innovative design, one which allows homeowners to realise every inch of value from their kitchen layout. As the footprint of a typical home gets smaller, such solutions will play an increasingly key role.”

To find out more about the new Vauth-Sagel collection – exclusively available at Häfele – please visit https://www.hafele.co.uk/en/product/pull-out-shelving-unit-white-base-with-polished-chrome-rail-shelves-vauth-sagel-cornerstone-maxx/000000870003630200040023/

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