High ranking Roman

High ranking Roman

Roman, International market leading shower designer and manufacturer, has stripped back their website to provide a clean, minimal and streamlined user friendly website experience.

Roman’s new look website with latest technology and trends has been launched, along with the corresponding mobile website version. The leading shower manufacturer’s website has a brand new layout, design and use of new technology to ensure they provide the most user friendly experience possible. The look is noticeably more minimal and more image led to present an inspirational website.

A new search facility has been added to the site and also a product filter system, so products can be searched for with more accuracy and ease. The product filter system allows the user to look for specific showering solutions for a specific size space, within specific price points, a particular style of showering solution and a choice of metal finish options.

As Roman has a lot of designers and architects going to their website they have developed this section further.  They have expanded their specification section by adding project case studies and further information on the international side of their business. This section looks more at Roman’s bespoke offering, such as solid surface capabilities, 15 different metal finish options and various glass options.

David Osborne, Managing Director of Roman, commented: “We thought it was important to strip back our website and make our stunning product images tell the story. Our website now leads the user with inspirational imagery, is even easier to find products, tells the Roman story and provides the user with a simple navigational system.”

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