‘High risk’ flooding area near Northallerton pass through housing scheme

‘High risk’ flooding area near Northallerton pass through housing scheme

A housing scheme in Maunby, located between Northallerton and Thirsk, has been passed, despite major concerns over developers inadvertently building on a flood zone at the edge of a village, which has a large history of flood alerts.

Despite the Hambleton District Council’s planning committee hearing in an extensive manner that there is a part of the proposed site for two homes that has always been “at high risk of surface water flooding”, the officers are of the opinion that situation can be addressed, and are content with going ahead with development.

This is despite the fact that at the meeting, Maunby Parish Council, South Otterington and Newby Wiske had all objected to the scheme, with all three claiming they were very concerned with climate change that could exacerbate the area’s flooding issues further down the line.

Residents were also unhappy, and one – named Donna James – openly questioned how flood waters would be diverted from the site, and that back in 2012, flooding saw the entire village isolated for 48 hours.

Developer James Hill-Walker played down claims that there was widespread local opposition, and also said the incident in 2012 was limited to the one day.

He added: “I wouldn’t want to do something that floods their houses in any way.”

Councillors granted the plan, on the basis that the surface water issue would have to be dealt with.

Councillor David Blades added the council needed to be “100 per cent sure” that the drainage issue had been remedied.

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