Inland Homes assist Herfordshire second-stepper upsize using Help to Buy

Inland Homes assist Herfordshire second-stepper upsize using Help to Buy

With 60% of second steppers believing that moving up the property ladder is harder than getting on it, it is no surprise that many are sceptical about upsizing, but Inland Homes want to help.

Like many second-steppers, Lauren Johnson was keen to move out of her apartment and upsize to a bigger house. By using the Help to Buy scheme for the second time, along with some inheritance money, Lauren was easily able to purchase the two-bedroom house of her dreams at Inland Homes’ Farrier’s Wood development in Garston, Hertfordshire.

Lauren (34), a Digital Experience Manager, comments: “I had previously used Help to Buy to purchase my apartment, and I knew that I would only be able to afford a house if I used Help to Buy again. Personally, I was only interested in moving into a house rather than an apartment but unfortunately it seemed that only apartments were being built in and around Watford. I came across Farrier’s Wood where I was delighted to discover that Inland were offering houses, and a variety of house types too.”

“I loved the fact the development was only around 10 minutes from where I work, as well as being local to what I know. I went to visit the sales suite and spoke to Allison, who was really helpful and showed me the different properties I could potentially buy. I was looking at getting a two-bedroom house as I previously owned a one-bedroom apartment, and fortunately there were two types of two-bedroom homes, The Beechwood and The Anstead. The two show homes were not my chosen house types; however, I was sold by the quality straight away so I was more than happy to purchase a Beechwood house type off-plan.”

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