Interoperability, multifunctionality and innovation

Interoperability, multifunctionality and innovation

Showhome Magazine catches up with Dan Harvie, Head of DA UK & Ireland, Vice President, Samsung to discover the intricacies behind the renowned brand and its vision

Showhome Editor, Rebecca Spayne catches up with Dan Harvie, Vice President, Head of DA UK & Ireland, Samsung, to discuss virtually how Samsung are helping contribute to the new build sector, innovative technology in the ‘Smart Home’ and assist the industry with Samsung Client Partnerships. 

How do Samsung maintain innovation in an increasingly competitive market?

Innovation is at the heart of our strategy across all areas of the business, including home appliances and we believe innovation comes from understanding consumers’ needs and desires. To that end, we are continuing to expand and add depth to our ranges – with our pivot towards built-in appliances for example. Fortunately, our brand already has an established reputation for its commitment to innovative technology and product differentiation and we know that customers have high expectations. Listening to the needs of both our developers and consumers, we are able to cover a breadth of specification requirements in appliances across all categories, from cooking to refrigeration and laundry, as well as creating new categories with products such as the AirDresser.

The word ‘smart’ has become the standard in homes, do you think this will change in the near future?

‘Smart’ homes and connected living help to make life that bit easier and consumer demand for a greater level of ease of use but also peace of mind is continuing to grow, particularly during these increasingly stressful times. Being able to offer connected appliances and respond to this consumer need is of course very important to us.

‘Smart’ technology gives greater control and flexibility over your indoor environment and appliances. Many of our Wi-Fi enabled appliances are now connected through the Samsung SmartThings app, meaning they are compatible with a range of partners and devices and can be controlled anytime and anywhere – letting consumers set timers, temperatures, and cycles remotely and take more control of their time. As of this year, more than 150 million registered users and over 60 million monthly active users globally are enjoying a seamless connected living experience powered by SmartThings. We are looking to make further advances in connectivity, artificial intelligence and automation. We believe this points to a future where connectivity is more important and offers the opportunity to benefit and add value to both developers and end users.

How are Samsung adding value to the new build sector?

We know that there is a huge demand for housing in the UK which these projects are helping to fulfil and for that reason, we’re really supportive of the development of new builds. That’s why Samsung is currently supplying products to major new build schemes in the UK through businesses like Moda, Quintain and Legal & General. We view our supply offering as a partnership and offer developers’ flexibility and ensure product availability for both national and regional requirements.

Could you explain a little bit about Samsung Client Partnerships and how they benefit the industry?

A real focus has been developing and strengthening our client partnerships by offering a range of solutions and choices for our customers. These give Samsung a unique position in the industry and provide unparalleled benefits for our partners. For example:

Samsung Capital – this removes capital investment burden and provides lending across all Samsung product and installation costs. This differentiates us from the competition and delivers a way to refresh PRS projects, as well as refurbish existing lease property portfolios.

One Samsung – this enables clients to access our entire portfolio of products, such as HVAC, Home Appliances, TV, Display and Mobile across build plans, engaging them in a full end to end solution for their PRS or residential developments. What’s more this can all be linked to the Samsung Capital partnership as well.

Connected Living – available through our Smart Things app, this open platform works seamlessly with key components such as Alexa, Google, Spotify and Phillips lighting, to offer residents greater control over their homes, allowing them to control devices across the home, both from Samsung and 3rd party providers, from their mobile phones, laptops and via voice assistants.

Samsung Service Pre & Post & Technical – our service provides key support should appliances run in to any technical difficulties. It offers a quick resolution to problems, so products stay running and consumers stay engaged with the brand. Regional Samsung Area service partners ensure that any services are carried out quickly and efficiently, while Samsung’s enhanced service PRS package works closely with the rental companies and concierges to train them in service solutions and best courses of action.

Are there any trends that you expect to emerge in 2021?

After such a tumultuous year, I think there are a few trends we can expect to see come through. Perhaps the most important one is continued adaptation and greater emphasis of home offices and work spaces. We expect people to continue to look for ways to make their homes conducive to productivity in indoor environments, paying particular attention to temperature control, ventilation and natural light. As a result, we’d anticipate a surge in Smart Home appliances.

I also think that use of space is going to be a focus for many as we get used to spending more time in the home. Firstly, a flexible use of space and ability to change a room layout will be key to productivity and comfort. While open plan living has been a real trend in recent years, people are rediscovering the need for privacy and boundaries, so a space that could offer the flexibility to have both is going to be coveted. I can see more houses having folding doors to separate rooms, for example. Secondly, more time at home means more use, interaction and more appreciation for design and technology solutions and the demand and expectation for such solutions will only become more important in the minds of consumers.

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Building blocks for the homes of the future 

Samsung demonstrates how cross-industry collaboration can completely revolutionise and build the foundations for the new era of connected and sustainable housing in the UK

As technology advances, further ingraining itself into our day-to-day lives, it is no longer an optional luxury for consumers. When we buy a mobile phone, a watch, or even a vacuum cleaner, there is a basic expectation that these products will include cutting-edge technology that will stand the test of time. The housing market is no exception.

Over the last decade, the residential sector has been raising the bar. Thanks to greater diversity of homebuilders and new construction methods, developers have been able to evolve the properties they can deliver for residents. Wrapped in stylish, streamlined designs, modern properties now look to integrate state-of-the-art technology that offers efficiency and innovative solutions for residents’ every-day needs.

At the forefront of this evolution, Samsung has been working with top property developers to build communities equipped for the future. With a product portfolio that includes everything from intelligent kitchen appliances, cutting-edge TVs and effective air conditioning units, an entire property can be fitted seamlessly with Samsung technology that suits the needs of both resident and developer. 

Collaboration is essential in new era of housing

The key enabler in this process is collaboration. Through partnerships with the likes of Quintain, Moda Living and Future Generation, Samsung’s latest connected appliances have been fitted into over 25,500 rental apartments, helping the property sector to future-proof homes across the country. 

Samsung continues to expand its ecosystem, including with Countryside – the UK’s leading mixed-tenure developer – earlier this year.  Samsung was awarded the specification for one of their new builds, in Hounslow and provided quality appliances at a competitive price that offered diversity in the builds, as well as the right form and function to meet the desires of the consumers who will be using them.

Dan Harvie, Vice President, Head of Home Appliances for UK & Ireland at Samsung Electronics said: “We are delighted to partner with such a variety of successful developers to bring cutting-edge technology into properties across the UK.”

“The power of collaboration must never be under-stated and, together, we are building the blueprints for the home of the future. We acknowledge the trust that developers install in Samsung when allowing us to be part of their design process and we look forward to progressing these partnerships over the coming years to build a better future for homeowners.” 

Building bespoke housing in the iconic Wembley Park

Through an exclusive deal with leading property developer Quintain, Samsung has embarked on a mission to help create the Wembley Park of the future.

An iconic location, neighboured with the famous arch, the partnership with rental management platform Quintain Living will see over 6,000 rental apartments built at Wembley Park, each equipped with Samsung’s latest appliances. The development will be completed over the next seven years, with 20,000 people housed in high-spec apartments.

The development and tech integration of each apartment has been based on space and specification. Examples of these include the Dual Cook Flex Oven, Fully Integrated WaterWall Dishwasher and the ground-breaking Family Hub Fridge Freezer, embedding the next level of connected living into an apartment’s foundations. 

Creating the rental homes of the future 

Samsung has partnered with Moda Living, the UK’s fastest growing, vertically integrated housing brand, to deliver tech-driven neighbourhoods.

Championing innovation and design, Samsung aligns with Moda Living’s forward-thinking values and aesthetics. Moda’s apartments include Samsung’s Dual Cook Flex Oven and Family Hub Fridge Freezer flagships, as well as stylish and practical Induction Hobs and large capacity Integrated Refrigeration.

Oscar Brooks, Director at Moda Living said: “Moda’s core focus is to create stylish, high-quality, sustainable neighbourhoods for residents to live, work and play, but we also recognise the importance of investing in state-of-the-art technology to enhance connectivity, simplicity and efficiency in residents’ day-to-day lives. Samsung is setting new standards for connected living and we’re looking forward to driving our partnership forward with a series of industry-first collaborations.”

Providing disruptive accommodation for the leaders of the tomorrow 

A successful partnership over recent years, Samsung has also been the lead supplier of Home Appliances for Future Generation, a pioneering developer of student accommodation. 

With Future Generation completing eight developments across the UK, Samsung technology will be fitted into 10,000 apartments in cities including Leeds, Cambridge and Hackney-Wick. Over the next two years, 70,000 appliances and 10,000 Smart TVs will be fitted into high-spec properties, which have been built specifically with students’ needs in mind, to help better equip them to maximise their university experience.

Andrew Southern, Student Accommodation Specialist at Future Generation commented: “We’re always looking for ways to raise the standard of student living and make sure our accommodation matches the disruptive and ambitious nature of the young people we are housing.” 

“Samsung was undoubtedly the best brand to partner with to help us achieve this goal. They create the most advanced products on the market, thanks to the incredible amount that they invest into their research and development work.” 

Advancing eco homes to support the climate battle

As the third biggest producer of CO2 in the UK, the residential industry faces the urgent challenge of boosting its sustainability drive. Acknowledging this, Samsung has partnered with eco homes developer Etopia to set a benchmark for the integration of technology into sustainable housing.

Through the strategic partnership, Etopia will incorporate Samsung’s Heat Pump technology and energy-efficient appliances in every home to optimise energy efficiency, replacing boilers with hydro units and enabling renewable energy through solar panels. In total, Samsung will deliver sustainable smart technology to 6,000 homes in the UK.

Joseph Daniels, CEO of Etopia, said: “Etopia are at the forefront of tackling climate change by providing housing that, on average, produces more energy than it uses. Our partnership with Samsung shows that big business is taking the climate crisis seriously and we are delighted to partner with one of the world’s leading technology companies.”

Samsung’s partnership with Etopia represents a further step in the company’s commitment to fulfil its role as a responsible business. As well as contributing to the sustainability of new properties, the company has committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its own sites. 



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