LivingCom partners with Sky

LivingCom partners with Sky

Sky has teamed up with LivingCom, a subsidiary of CableCom Networking servicing the private rental market, to offer residents a package of high quality digital TV services.

LivingCom provides developers with a high quality managed internet service, fully supported by their 24 x 7 UK based service centre in Bristol. It delivers some of the fastest Internet speeds in the UK, along with an end-to-end integrated TV and Phone platform that offers landlords operational efficiencies and huge costs savings on their ‘inter-building’ infrastructure builds.

From today, it will be offering residents a package which includes LivingCom’s high speed broadband and the full range of Sky TV services, including Sky+HD and Sky Go, free for 6 months*. A tailored Pre-Arrival Registration facility will enable residents to sign up to the package when they arrive at their new home, so that they can benefit from instant access to the broadband from LivingCom and Sky TV service as soon as they move into their new home.

CableCom Networking is the market leader in providing managed Internet services to high density accommodation throughout the UK and has its heritage in the student and key worker markets. Via its subsidiary, LivingCom, it is responding to the government’s renewed focus on the provision of affordable homes by bringing its expertise to the private rented sector.

According to Paul Eaton, Commercial Manager for LivingCom, today’s residents consider broadband and TV services as a critical fourth utility when choosing their next home to buy or rent:

“We have found that residents are increasingly viewing the availability of high-speed Internet access, and also TV services like those from Sky, as a key decision criterion for their choice of accommodation. Equally, in a competitive market, landlords recognise the need to offer these services to their residents as a means of increasing their overall appeal and subsequent uptake.”

Chris Collinson, Sky Sales & Marketing Director adds:

“Our partnership with LivingCom provides tenants with a simple way to get Sky’s great TV offer so that they can access all the latest entertainment from the day they move in.”

LivingCom’s existing Smart Fibre Infrastructure (SFI) design will enable Sky to deliver TV services via a dish and LivingCom to deliver its High Speed Broadband via fibre cables directly into the home. This comprises a central satellite receiver and aerial array to serve the whole development, avoiding the need for individual satellite dishes.

To find out more about Sky Communal TV solutions go to or call 08442 411 335.

*based on the customer signing a 12 month contract

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