London Boroughs brought to life in stunning illustrated bathroom designs

London Boroughs brought to life in stunning illustrated bathroom designs

The architecture of London boroughs have long since influenced the interior designs of many buildings, both old and new, throughout the capital. However, as a new homeowner or a novice developer, bringing those looks into the home can often prove difficult.

Taking four of the most iconic boroughs in The City, luxury bathroom specialists, Hugo Oliver, have depicted how you can reimagine the boroughs in your bathroom with ease.  

Stunning illustrated images show how to recreate Shoreditch, Notting Hill, Islington and Camden in all aspects of your bathroom design.

Anna Palmer, in-house Interior Designer at Hugo Oliver and creative brain behind the designs says: “London is one of the most recognisable cities in the world, and the people that own properties here often want to incorporate their surroundings into the interior design.

“Sometimes working to a theme can go wrong and end up looking a little tacky, however our designs prove that you can create beautiful bathrooms while remaining empathetic to outside influences.

“As our showrooms are based in London, I’m constantly inspired by our surroundings. Each borough is uniquely different and the look and feel changes from street to street.”

The illustration is intended to reflect fashion concept sketches, with the rough lines and patches of colour combining with subtle textures to make them feel hand drawn. They pull in key features from each of the boroughs – taking Notting Hill as the example, you see the pastel colours of the iconic terraced houses reflected in the paints, with features such as the towel rail and lighting in-keeping with the traditional style of the area.

To see the full images, plus commentary from Anna on how to pull off the look, take a look here:

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