Buy solo with Notting Hill Genesis with shared ownership at the staging post

Buy solo with Notting Hill Genesis with shared ownership at the staging post

Notting Hill Genesis were wowed when they saw a recent survey from Ideal Flatmate, who revealed the worst habits a roommate can have. The survey which was completed by 1,000 people revealed that poor cleanliness ranked highest with 32% citing this as the most annoying trait.

For homebuyers looking to avoid living in a messy home and considering going solo, the Notting Hill Genesis development The Staging Post in the London Borough of Hounslow is the ideal solution. Available with Shared Ownership, the properties offer potential buyers keen to take an independent route the perfect opportunity to live just outside the centre of London with deposits starting from just £4,031.

Shared Ownership offers aspiring home owners the chance to buy a share of a home’s value, between 25% and 75%, while paying a subsidised rent on the remaining share. The lower deposit level required with Shared Ownership, means purchasers need only put down a deposit on the share they purchase and not the full market value of the property.

Allowing prospective buyers to become a home owner with a lower level of savings than if you were to buy the same home outright. Purchasers can choose to buy additional shares on their property as and when they can afford to, staircasing right up to 100%.

Jim Munson, Head of Marketing at Notting Hill Genesis, comments: “For those seeking a place to call their own without the hassle of housemates, The Staging Post is a must see. Our shared ownership apartments there offer excellent value and affordability and have been designed with buyers in mind boasting flexible open plan living, sleek kitchens and bathrooms and are perfectly placed for the local tube station, Lampton Park and the town centre.”

Surrounded by 40 acres of parkland, The Staging Post provides homebuyers looking for a new place to live with the opportunity to purchase a London property in a rural location. Comprising a collection of contemporary one and two-bedroom apartments, as well as three-bedroom maisonettes the properties have been designed to a high specification providing the ultimate home for modern living.

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