Redrow demonstrates a commitment to training with new Yorkshire Division graduate

Redrow demonstrates a commitment to training with new Yorkshire Division graduate

Housebuilder Redrow has once again confirmed its commitment to training and career development, taking on another new graduate within the company’s Yorkshire division.

Joining the developer’s respected graduate training scheme, Adam Merrill, 23, will undertake a rotational programme allowing him to spend time in a number of different departments over a two-year training period.

Originally from Cheshire, but now living in Wetherby, to be closer to Redrow’s Yorkshire headquarters in Wakefield, Adam studied history at the University of Manchester, where he also completed his Masters in International Relations.

Adam said: “I heard about the Redrow scheme while working for a relative’s renovation company after finishing university, at a time when I had no set career in mind.

“It was the training which appealed to me, along with the chance to work in a range of areas within the same company. Over the years I will get the chance to work in different departments to get a feel for each job and learn which discipline, out of all those, I would like to develop a career in.

Already starting his training within the land department, Adam is relishing the opportunity: “I am really enjoying it. I am open-minded about which area might suit me most and confident about developing a career in which I can progress at Redrow.

“Around 15% of the company’s national workforce are trainees, whether that’s a graduate trainee or an apprentice, and they have a track record of promoting people from within. All of this gives me confidence about the possibility of progression and a job for life – providing, of course, that I work hard and find my niche.”

The experience of other Redrow graduate trainees like Harry Lawrenson should further support Adam’s hopes.

Harry is halfway through the rotational programme Adam has just started and has already spent time in the planning and technical departments, engineering, on-site construction, sales, customer service and commercial.

The 25-year-old, who studied Civil Engineering at Leeds University, explained: “I have always wanted to work in house building, but I didn’t know specifically what I wanted to do. I knew a civil engineering degree would give me a good basis for a career in construction and the rotational scheme with Redrow would help me to narrow down my choices.”

“I have really enjoyed my first year and, in my second where I had a choice, I have chosen to spend time in the engineering, commercial and land departments.

“What surprised me was that although I knew I would enjoy engineering, I enjoyed other areas more than I had expected. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to sales, for instance, but it was so much more interesting than I’d thought; so it’s good that Adam is open-minded about what he wants to do.

“I would advise him to ask lots of questions. You learn something new every day and working in all departments means you get a greater understanding of the business as a whole; you see the bigger picture which is, and will always be, useful.”

Paul Oldridge, managing director of Redrow Homes (Yorkshire), is delighted that Redrow continues to support young graduates.

He said: “There’s a real sense of achievement to be able to offer such amazing opportunities for young people and, of course, they’re not the only ones who benefit from this. In demanding a high standard and supporting them to achieve it, we get a workforce which is able to offer the quality we need and employees who are loyal and committed – to us and our customers.”

Redrow’s graduate training programmes were one of the elements that led to them becoming the first housebuilder to be awarded a quality mark by The British Institute for Learning & Development (BILD) for commitment to staff training.

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