Russell Roof Tiles has supplied roofing solutions for 300 units in Vineburgh in Irvine

Major social regeneration project by Cunninghame Housing Association now entering its fourth phase

The Scottish Government has boosted housing supply budgets by investing £1.7 billion in affordable housing since 2009. Through its partners in councils and housing associations, the Scottish Government has now delivered more than 21,000 affordable homes.

Russell Roof Tiles has supplied roofing solutions for 300 units in Vineburgh in Irvine, the largest urban redevelopment project in Ayrshire, a major social regeneration project by Cunninghame Housing Association that is now entering its fourth phase.

Appointed by North Ayrshire Council as Lead Developer, Cunninghame Housing Association, in partnership with the Council, has been responsible for delivering a £37 million housing led regeneration Masterplan, within an area which had high levels of deprivation and low demand for housing. 

The initiative, when complete, will have delivered almost 300 affordable new homes over a five year period. 

Research has shown the considerable impact that housing led physical regeneration can have on the health, confidence, pride and general wellbeing of tenants and also revealed significant positive impacts on the wider community of Vineburgh and other local stakeholders. 

The modern homes built comprise a range of different house types, and are unusual designs for the area, and are being built by Ashleigh (Scotland) Ltd.

Russell Roof Tiles, whose Scottish base is in Lockerbie, worked closely with Cunninghame HA, the leading social enterprise in Ayrshire, and were chosen due to the outstanding quality of the product. After MAST Architects had seen all the options that were needed on the specification, Russell Grampian was selected as the tile of choice.

Grampian tiles are a standard flat interlocking roof tile, combining the traditional yet stylish appearance of slate with the security of an interlocking design and the economy of concrete. The tiles were installed by roofing contractors DM Roofing. 

David Smith, Joint Managing Director at Ashleigh (Scotland) Ltd., commented: “This was our first Russell Roof Tiles project and was extremely easy to run. They quickly identified the best tile for our needs and delivered a fantastic solution. They assured top-quality tiles at a controlled cost.” 

Following the success of the third phase of the Vineburgh development, Russell Roof Tiles will be supplying the roofing materials for the fourth phase which fully comprise of housing for sale. 

Andrew Hayward, Managing Director at Russell Roof Tiles comments; “The use of Grampian tiles shows a growing trend in the use of our slate-type products that have an economic concrete element.  

“Concrete roof tiles are a long-life, durable product and require minimal maintenance once installed. The versatility of concrete allows for an authentic slate or clay effect roof tile with the benefits of offering greater strength.  Concrete tiles allow for a straight forward quick installation especially interlocking tiles and thereafter require little or no maintenance.”

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