Save time in the kitchen with built-in cooking appliances from Indesit

Save time in the kitchen with built-in cooking appliances from Indesit

Indesit prides itself on developing appliances with time-strapped consumers in mind, which ease the pressures of modern-day life. Research has found that 63% of UK consumers are eating pre-prepared meals to save time in the kitchen and spend their free time elsewhere, doing the things they love.

The Indesit Aria built-in cooking collection guarantees highly pragmatic and reliable solutions for creating a variety of recipes while saving time, money and effort. The range boasts a stunning glass and stainless steel finish that blends well with modern homes. With the built-in simplicity and ease of use that is sought-after by all generations, it is a range that is perfect for young families, first time buyers and the elderly alike.

To help time-pressured consumers create delicious meals with ease, especially on a weekday when consumers feel they have less time to cook from scratch, Indesit has developed its Turn&Cook app thatfeatures 80 recipe ideasto cook using the Indesit Aria built-in oven (KFW 3844 H IX).The app, which is available on both iOS and Android devices, recognises ingredients and recommends tasty recipes and is designed to take the stress out of cooking.

When the meal is ready to be cooked, with just one turn of the control knob, the Aria built-in oven (KFW 3844 H IX)automatically sets the cooking time and oven temperature to cook the recipe, perfectly, in just one hour. The oven then automatically switches off at the end of the cooking time so, whatever the user is busy doing, the dish will not spoil.

Consumers with busy-lifestyles seek out appliances that are easy to use and can also do the thinking for them. The Indesit Aria built-in microwave oven with grill (MWI 3443 IX) benefits from automatic programmes, including Auto Defrost, Auto Reheat and Auto Cook to help out in the kitchen. Users simply choose the type of food they wish to cook, enter the weight of the food and the microwave will automatically select the optimum settings to obtain the best results, even prompting the user to stir the food during the process, if required.

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