Survey reveals what UK’s dream house looks like in 2016

Survey reveals what UK’s dream house looks like in 2016

A large scale study has revealed what the UK’s Dream House looks like in 2016 and it’s a four-bed custom built-pad with an array of high-tech and glamorous features that costs £3 million.  Tepilo Infographic - Britain's Dream House jpeg

Top features

The study of 2,000 homebuyers by Sarah Beeny’s estate agency, Tepilo, revealed that the most popular features people want their dream house to boast include en-suites in every bedroom (48%), a TV room/snug (48%), a huge kitchen with its own kitchen island (47%) and a huge garden (47%).

Also topping the poll were walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms (45%), an indoor swimming pool (42%), a conservatory or orangery (38%), open fires and wood burning stoves (37%), a double front door (28%) and his and hers bathrooms (25%).

And we’re a security conscious lot who love all things techy too. Almost four out of 10 of us (38%) would want our dream home to contain high-tech security features, and a further 35% say they’d want their dream home to contain a series of high tech mods cons, such as remote controlled heating, lighting and sound systems. 

Glamour galore

Brits most definitely have a penchant for glamorous, rather than practical, features. The top luxuries Brits want in their dream home are a balcony (43%), a relaxation room (39%), a library (35%), a gym (32%) and an indoor cinema (29%).

We also dream of our ultimate home having a separate granny flat/guest lodge (27%), a wine cellar (25%), an aquarium (25%), a sound proof room (25%), a bowling alley (20%) and a nightclub or bar (17%).  

What’s more, more than one in 10 (14%) would also like their dream house to have its own butler and a further 13% would want their very own staff living quarters!

Setting and aesthetics:

The most popular settings for the UK’s dream home are the beach (16%), the city centre (16%) and the countryside (11%). A further 10% would opt for the city suburbs, with nine per cent choosing a village location.  

And when it comes to style, it seems size isn’t everything. Almost three in ten (29%) Brits say their dream house would have four bedrooms, with 27% wanting just three and 21% hankering after five. Only 11% would opt for six or more.

Most Brits would also prefer a cute country cottage (14%) over a huge mansion (12%). Detached bungalows (13%) and modern pieces of architecture (13%) also ranked highly when Brits were asked to choose the style of their dream house.  

The garden

When it comes to the garden of our dream house, us Brits want amazing views (52%), built in BBQs (40%), a large veranda (38%), a huge garage (34%) and manicured lawns. We also hanker after water features (30%), a sweeping drive leading up to the house (30%), separate outbuildings (30%) and a kids play area (29%).  

Achieving the dream

Over a quarter of Brits (26%) don’t think they’ll ever get to own their dream property, with a further 38% believing the only way they’ll ever get the chance to own their dream property is by winning the lottery! 

However, almost three in 10 (30%) are more optimistic and believe that one day they’ll achieve their dream of owning their dream house. 

But when it comes to how much we’d be willing to spend on our dream property if money were no object, we’re a pretty frugal lot, with the majority of Brits (52%) saying they’d only pay a maximum of £3m. 

Chosen housemates

We’re also a nation of dreamers. Although 58% would opt to live in their dream house with their partner, almost two in 10 (17%) would choose to live with their celebrity crush, 13% with their favourite musician and a further 13% with their favourite actor! 

The British Buyer Barometer survey has been conducted by Sarah Beeny’s estate agent, Tepilo. It surveyed 2,000 British homebuyers, who have either bought in the past year, are in the process of buying or are planning to buy within the next 12 months.

Sarah Beeny, owner of Tepilo, said: “We conducted our most recent Buyer Barometer study to get an idea of what the UK’s dream home looks like in 2016 and the results are really interesting. A study we carried our last year to determine the behaviour of the average British housebuyer revealed they had a budget of £205,221 and were most likely to live in a three-bedroom semi in the suburbs with their partner or spouse. So, it’s interesting to see how reality compares to what Brits dream of, and the differences are pretty big!

“What’s also interesting is the amount of money Brits would spend on their dream home, despite money being no object. Up to £3m seems a pretty low price to pay for the ‘ultimate’ pad, but it demonstrates that we’re a price orientated nation that expects value for money when it comes to property.”

Teplio is an estate agent owned by property guru and TV personality, Sarah Beeny. She set up Tepilo to help redesign the property selling process around the customer, offering hugely reduced fees and 24/7 customer support from a highly experienced team working to help their customers secure the best possible price for their homes. Tepilo also offers customers an easy to use website and an app that allows them to track their property sale on the go and receive instant notifications. 

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