The Housing Forum calls for election candidates to back quality-housing

The Housing Forum calls for election candidates to back quality-housing

The Housing Forum is writing to all main party candidates standing in the General Election in England, urging them to place quality house building at the heart of their political agenda.

Addressing politicians representing Conservative, Labour and the Liberal Democrats, a manifesto issued by The Housing Forum sets out the steps necessary to solve the country’s housing crisis.

Titled “A Quality Home for All”, the manifesto calls for an effective working partnership between politicians and house builders, a far higher number of affordable homes to be built, properly funded Local Authority planning services, and the appointment of a Secretary of State for Housing.

As the only membership network that represents the entire housing supply chain, the Housing Forum is uniquely placed to explain what should be done to increase the supply and quality of housing across the country.

The leaders of the respective parties are Boris Johnson for Conservatives, Jeremy Corbyn for Labour, Jo Swinson for the Liberal Democrats, Nicola Sturgeon for the SNP, Caroline Lucas for the Green Party, Adam Price for Plaid Cymru and Nigel Farage for The Brexit Party.

Stephen Teagle, Chairman of The Housing Forum, said: “Our manifesto, alongside political leadership at all levels of Government, could make a real difference to people’s lives and the country’s economy over the course of the next Parliament and beyond.”

Shelagh Grant, Chief Executive of The Housing Forum, said: “Housing is a national priority that needs a cross party approach. We’re writing to candidates across party lines, asking them to support our principles, work with our members and resolve the housing crisis.”

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