Turbine Grey: The new granite-inspired quartz colour from Caesarstone

Turbine Grey: The new granite-inspired quartz colour from Caesarstone

Caesarstone, the leading manufacturer of premium quartz surfaces, has further harnessed its eye for emerging colour trends in the home by introducing a curated selection of four bold and exciting new colours into its UK collection. Caesarstone has built and maintained a reputation as the global leader of the quartz surfaces market due to the high performance and reliability of its products.

This is strengthened by significant investment into new product development and study into future design trends. The four new colours, 4033 Rugged Concrete, 5043 Montblanc, 6046 Moorland Fog and 6313 Turbine Grey each appeal to both popular and emerging décor trends; from classic marbles and bold, rippled shades of grey to raw ‘industrial chic’, which is the stunning newest look captivating homeowners, architects and interior designers.

“There is a real shift towards contemporary style statements in the home and the right worktop product has a huge impact in any space given its large surface area,” says Amir Reske, Managing Director of Caesarstone UK. “Our new colours are designed to not only look beautiful in the home but to also inspire the overall look and aesthetic of a room – whether it is paying homage to the natural veins of marble and granite, or the rough-hewn, industrial aesthetic of Concrete. Our new colours have been designed to challenge the norms of interior design.”

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