A window into the future: motorised blinds and curtains

A window into the future: motorised blinds and curtains

Smart and connected technology is fast becoming integrated into our everyday lives and savvy home buyers are increasingly looking for homes that can provide efficient, new technology. Amongst these new innovations are motorised blinds and curtain track systems that offer ‘must-have’ features for architects, developers and ultimately, home buyers.

At the touch of a button, motorised blind systems and curtain tracks have the ability to control the amount of light entering any room. The Nuance and Evaglide systems by Evans are at the forefront of this innovation and are a great example of how technology is revolutionising the home. What once was a traditional hand-drawn window dressing, is now a hassle-free, high performance focal point that utilises cutting-edge technology to turn the home into a ‘smart home’.

Both the Evans’ blind and curtain systems can be opened and closed automatically based on pre-programmed timers, wireless wall switches, remotes and can even be integrated with the latest voice-recognition technology. The systems can be added to one room at a time or alternatively, they can be combined into a number of rooms so each room or window can be programmed to run independently (depending on how the user wishes to use the room.)

Engineered specifically to meet the demands of modern life, all Evans motorised systems are subtle, stylish and operate smoothly.

At a glance:

Nuance Motorised Blind Systems by Evans

  • Made to measure – bespoke to your specific dimensions
  • 10-year warranty as standard
  • Wide range of blinds available
  • High performance, contemporary systems
  • Designed to conform to British Standards of Child Safety
  • Fast lead times; usually between 24-48 hours
  • Expert support and service by Evans

Evaglide Mototrised Curtain Tracks by Evans

  • Made to measure – bespoke your specific dimensions
  • 10-year warranty on track motors
  • Silent motors ensuring no disturbance
  • Tracks can be curved to fit the tightest spaces
  • Touch and control – allowing the option for manual operation
  • Choice of electric curtain track or rod system
  • Expert support and service by Evans

Motorised blind and curtain tracks not only offer unique features, but as most home automation is designed to do, it conforms to the demands of modern life making things easier, saves valuable time and creates visual impact.

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