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Bathrooms have completely evolved over the last few years from a place of basic necessity, to a luxurious and relaxing setting

Comment attributable to: Steve Birch, National Sales Manager

Bathrooms have completely evolved over the last few years from a place of basic necessity, to a luxurious and relaxing setting.  The bathroom must still be practical, but it can be equally beautiful.  This trend has brought designer radiators to the fore as it combines essential heating with the ability to create a statement.

The once modest radiator has been completely rethought and now a whole plethora of shapes and designs are available.  Dramatic mirror finishes and unusual shapes have brought a fresh perspective to the heating market.  Whether it’s a smooth plane or a tangle of rails the latest designer radiators can easily be mistaken for a work of art.

Capable of giving a design scheme a focal point, the striking nature of these products really attracts the eye.  Adding personality and character, the unique style of these radiators can truly set a project apart.  Offering differentiation, a designer radiator can make a beautiful bathroom extraordinary, which is essential for designers and architects looking for the “X- factor”.

By no means can aesthetics substitute quality.  Every radiator must offer substantial longevity and reliability as it is integral part of the bathroom.  It is vital that the product suits specific requirements.  In the same way that a basic towel rail has a BTU rating, it is possible to ensure that the designer radiator chosen offers the correct heat output for the designated space. Simply by calculating the size of the room and considering factors such as whether there is single or double glazing, or if the house is sheltered or exposed, it is possible to calculate the correct heat output.  Offering further choice, the majority of designs are offered in a plethora of options such as electric only, heating and electric, or heating only.

Even in small or compact bathrooms it is possible to add that boutique hotel style.  One of the latest designs on the market is a singular straight tube that can fit in the smallest spaces.  Perfect for ensuites or petite bathrooms, the slim dimensions ensures it is possible for every bathroom to provide the luxury of fluffy dry towels.

Period homes can also benefit from a towel rail or radiator that will give the bathroom a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’.  With ornate features and beautiful materials, even traditional models can become the talking point of the bathroom.

Working in tandem with a wow factor radiator, discrete underfloor heating adds a decadent spa feel.  Highly desirable, it is relatively simple and affordable to fit, yet consumers consider it to be of a much higher perceived value.  By combining the two, it is possible to create the ultimate luxury bathroom that will truly delight.

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