Millstream Management Services celebrates 10 years of success

Millstream Management Services celebrates 10 years of success

Millstream Management Services (MMS), the leading provider of retirement housing management services in the UK, has celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a special event at its Head Office in Ringwood. Staff from across the region gathered to mark the occasion and were presented with a special Birthday Cake to mark a decade of growth and success.

 From its humble beginnings in 2006, MMS has grown to manage 128 retirement housing developments nationally, looking after 4,935 apartments and providing services to around 6,000 retired people. The company has ambitious plans to keep up this impressive growth, and hopes to double the number of retirement apartments it manages over the coming years.

 In 10 years the MMS team has grown to over 160 employees based all over the country, and the wellbeing and happiness of Owners remains at the heart of everything they do. Lodge Managers across all developments oversee safety and security for Owners, look after their day-to-day needs and help to co-ordinate hundreds of lifestyle events.  Their responsibilities range further than ensuring the building is maintained, as they also create a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere. As well as providing a helping hand, the Lodge Manager becomes more of a friend to residents, providing companionship.

 Simon Crewe, Managing Director of MMS, said: “I’m delighted to be celebrating 10 years of growth and success for Millstream Management Services, and I’d like to personally thank all our employees for their unwavering dedication and commitment over that time. It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to provide customers with market leading property management services, especially in the specialist retirement living sector where we operate. We’ve now been doing it for a decade, and I’m looking forward to continuing that success. Over the coming years we’ll look to double the number of apartments we manage and keep pursuing our vision be the best property management company in the UK.”

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