Millwood showcase 2020 interior trends at Cherry Tree Lane

Millwood showcase 2020 interior trends at Cherry Tree Lane

Staying ahead of the curve, Millwood Designer Homes have picked up on the fact that the colour of the year for 2020 has been recently revealed by colour company Pantone as ‘Classic Blue’. Described as a universal favourite among many homeowners and interior designers alike, the traditional colour brings a ‘reassuring presence, instilling calm, confidence and connection’.

A prediction emulated by Stacks Property Search, neutral colours that have been popular in recent years, such as pale grey and white, are due to be replaced by bolder, darker palettes, with dark blue and dark aubergine among the favourites for the year.

Showcasing these darker, dramatic colours is Tree Tops, Millwood Designer Homes’ beautiful new show home at Cherry Tree Lane in the leafy village of Ewhurst, Surrey. Designed and dressed by acclaimed luxury interior designers Neptune, they have blended next year’s most popular interior trends with the radiance of a new home.

Simon Temprell, Interior Design Manager at Neptune, comments on the design of the home: “Over the past few years we have seen a trend towards dark, richer colours being used in home interiors, and this seems to be the story for 2020.  Not only are people painting their walls in charcoal, chocolate and navy but they are extending the same colour to skirtings, coving, doors and trim for a cohesive look that tricks the eye into a perception of infinite space.”

“In the living room at Cherry Tree Lane, we painted the walls in our latest paint colour, Ink, which is a very dark blue, almost black shade that works very well with the contrasting ceiling and woodwork.  Strong pops of vibrant colour work well with these darker shades, so we have added bright velvet accent colours in the top floor media room, and lots of houseplants, which is another noticeable design feature for the year ahead.”

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