Morris and Rams Inspired Eco Design Launches

Morris and Rams Inspired Eco Design Launches

Celebrated designer William Morris once said: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

The dwiss, a simple recycling product launched next month, thoroughly lives up to Morris’ mantra. This beautiful piece of furniture satisfies the needs of both the design-conscious and eco-friendly furniture buyer. Designer Jon Walker has been working on designs for the innovative system for more than 10 years.

Carefully hand-crafted in the UK, the dwiss is lightweight and made from durable, lightweight beech ply.It features four compartments that conveniently store different waste types and which can be emptied into external facilities for collection by the local authorities.

Walker explained: “Working to Morris’ ethos and blending the design principles of Dieter Rams, I’ve created a product which is functional, elegant and sustainable. As well as promoting a sustainable lifestyle, the dwiss itself is fully sustainable. A product’s environmental impact is often unclear but the dwiss supports the circular economy and by manufacturing in the UK we’re generating significant emissions savings by avoiding overseas shipping and logistics.

“The packaging ‘presents’ the dwiss on delivery, with two sides dropping down as part of a grand reveal. The packaging is easy to disassemble and store in the dwiss providing an instant solution for disposing of packaging.”

The dwiss was born out of need and in response to Walker’s own recycling challenges. The former environmental and quality manager looked into the problem and developed a solution.

“Recycling can make a mess of your kitchen with bottles and cans in different places but it doesn’t have to,” he explained.“The dwiss is highly flexible and can be configured to suit the buyer’s needs. Its design eliminates mechanical parts that may be subject to failure and it’s designed to last a lifetime.”

Walker hints that he will be expanding his product line in the future to include more pieces.“The aim is to develop a range of sustainable products which supports sustainable actions,” adds Walker.

“Uncluttered design, first class craftsmanship and timeless design are very much the core values which will be reflected in our products as the brand grows.”


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