Natural paving products goes dutch with clay pavers

Natural paving products goes dutch with clay pavers

Natural Paving Products has launched a new range of premium Dutch hand crafted artisan clay pavers. Baksteen Clay Pavers offer users a huge range of possibilities and will be available in nine colours.

Baksteen Clay Pavers are remarkably versatile and can be used across a variety of projects. With its narrow, rectangular design the product can be laid at a variety of angles creating unique designs across a number of different applications. When laid on bed (the largest flat side) the pavers are ideal for pedestrian use and lightly trafficked areas such as a domestic driveway. If laid on edge the clay pavers can withstand heavy vehicular traffic.

No matter what its application, users can be assured the pavers will provide a long lifespan. Clay is an extremely durable material, which has proven through centuries of use that it will stand the test of time. On the rare occasion a Baksteen Clay Paver might need to be replace it can be simply lifted out and replaced with a new one. The combination of low maintenance costs and low replacement costs make the pavers an extremely cost-effective hard landscaping option.

With its striking appearance Baksteen Clay Pavers are suitable for a range of stylish outdoor environments. From peaceful pathways to vibrant gardens, the product has been designed to complement any project. What’s more, the pavers make a great choice for garden boarders or for sophisticated earthy planters and walls. Tumbled to reveal an antiqued look the pavers are on sale in a range of colours including Crimson, Chestnut, Dove, Smoke, Ash, Mulberry, Silver Birch, Mallow and Honeycomb

All colours are available in 200 x 50 mm product packs and each pack comes complete with 960 pieces. The pavers have a thickness of 65 mm and an average nominal coverage of 9.6m2 per pack when laid on edge or 12.63m2 when laid on bed.

Malcolm Gough, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Natural Paving Products, commented:  “It’s fantastic to be able to supply Baksteen Clay Pavers to the UK market as they offer our customers a distinctly new and highly versatile option when planning their outdoor projects. With its extensive range of colour options this product offers something for everyone and we can’t wait to see it put into use.”

In addition to premium Dutch hand crafted artisan clay pavers the company also offers Vitripiazza, an exclusive range of Italian vitrified porcelain paving. By providing such a diverse range, the company is broadening the design possibilities for British customers with options previously only available on the continent.


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