An Open Letter To All Trade And Professional Bodies In the UK Construction Industry

An Open Letter To All Trade And Professional Bodies In the UK Construction Industry

Dear Sirs


What Next For Your Members In The Aftermath Of Carillion?


The pain and suffering of all those caught up in the liquidation of Carillion must not be for nothing.


We must come together at every level to bring about real and lasting change.

What has gone before is simply not working, and if we carry on as we are, the industry as we know it will destroy itself, as surely as its own flawed business model eventually destroyed Carillion.


Strong words I know, but if you doubt what I say please consider these facts;


  • since 2008 thousands of SME construction related businesses have failed


  • the image of construction is at an all-time low


  • men working in the construction industry are at the highest risk of suicide


  • there is a massive skills shortage


  • the industry is not attracting the most talented people


In 2016 a YouGov poll of 2,000 members of the public measured perceptions of a number of industries and found that the vast majority would never consider a career in the construction industry, with just 17% saying that they would give it thought.


What a sad indictment of what should be a fantastic industry!


The future is in our hands, we must act decisively, we must act now.


Every right-thinking person in construction knows what a dire state of affairs we have, but the government and others turn a blind eye to what is going on right under their nose.


Those that have the power to change things are choosing to ignore the shameful way that professionals, sub-contractors, and suppliers go unpaid or under paid, not to mention the falling standards and the very real but unseen human cost.


Enough’s enough, let’s all work together for real truth and real change. So, please;



  • Share this message across all social media using #enoughsenough and #buildfair4all


  • Share your thoughts and ideas


Please feel free to give us a call on 01773 712116 or email us on, and let’s see what we can all do together to bring about positive change.


Yours faithfully


B J Ashmore

Managing Director

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