Over one kilometre Hannoband® in the COOL 63 Project in Rotterdam

Over one kilometre Hannoband® in the COOL 63 Project in Rotterdam

Rotterdam can boast a spectacular new building project: The Cool 63 project. This modern complex of building is home to retail shops, a large Horeca (hotel/restaurant/café) area, offices as well as luxury apartments looking out at the town hall. Integrated in the complex have been large parts of the historic Slavenburg bank of 1925. Parts of that building underwent extensive refurbishment and were preserved inside the Cool 63 building. Two floors of the existing structure were removed and replaced by only one new floor. This provided sufficient ceiling height for a megastore.

The new use of that historic building made it possible to maintain the “BREEM Excellent“ sustainability rating which comprises criteria such as, for example, ecological quality, economic quality, socio-cultural and functional quality, technical quality and process quality.

The large stores in the building, some of them suffused with light, the contrast between old and new and the large number of different restaurants and cafés are irresistible invitations for a leisurely stroll through the building.

HANNO supplied about 1000 m Hannoband®-BG1 – the top tape of the Hannoband® series, which successfully passed all relevant tests, even one in which the product was exposed to outdoor weather for 20 years. Installed as sealing tape between the aluminium facade and the timber construction supporting the facade, the tape will give excellent service for many decades of years.


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