Prefab homeless housing construction begins in Reading

Prefab homeless housing construction begins in Reading

Pre-built homes which are set to be used as temporary accommodation for homeless families have seen construction begin on them at last.

The development, located in Caversham, Berkshire, will provide 57 emergency homes for those who otherwise would be living in bed and breakfasts.

On the 10th November, lorries transported the 28 wooden units from Hull to the former mobile park in question.

Reading could believe homes will be available in January 2018, with the £1.86m scheme being delayed several times.

Speaking about the news, Lead Member for Housing John Ennis spoke of the importance to get people into good accommodation as they have little chance.

“There are thousands of people on our waiting lists who have very little chance of getting council houses or decent accommodation,” Ennis said. “They really are nice places to live on a short term basis.

“We are trying to get resources to make some really decent accommodation for people while they wait to be re-housed.

The development will feature seven timber-clad blocks of four units, all of which being two storeys high, with a mixture of one and two bedroom flats and three and four bedroom houses.

In addition, a children’s play area, bike sheds, and car parking facilities are also being built.

Initially, Reading Borough Council had claimed that accommodation would be ready for people to move in back in the autumn of 2017, however delays have now pushed it back to January 2018.

Despite this however, the Local Government Authority have claimed that temporary housing such as this is nowhere near enough to make up for the shortfall created by the right to buy scheme.

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