1st Folding Sliding Doors Ltd

Our Folding Sliding Doors (Easifold) are as stunning…

Our Folding Sliding Doors (Easifold) are as stunning as the moment. Thinking outside while inspiring the inside, thinking of design while inspiring space come to our depot in Perivale and experience an intriguing moment with our doors.

We pride ourselves with a product that saves our Customers money in the winter in terms of Energy bills. They keep the heat indoors in the winter and the cold outside because of the Thermal Break within the doors.

In the summers they keep the house cool as you can open all the doors.

The Doors add value to the house when it comes time for selling the property

The aesthetic design brings spatial comfort to a home without compromising the serenity of the home. Conducive to children as we have child-friendly door closures

Manufactured In England

We supply Aliplas doors made in Belgium

We supply Sunflex Doors made in Germany

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