Acrylic’s Best For New Build Says Crown Trade

To obtain the best all round results in new build environments…

To obtain the best all round results in new build environments, most house builders and their contractors would now be better off moving away from their alkyd based gloss coatings to our New Build Acrylic Gloss System, claims Crown Trade Brand Manager Debbie Orr.
Here Debbie gives an insight into why the acrylic gloss system represents a clear way forward for housebuilders and developers.

“The most recent round of European legislation to reduce VOC levels in decorative coatings has resulted in the launch of many innovative new paint products over the past few years.

These are more eco-friendly and more pleasant to work with than their traditionally formulated predecessors.

Due to the fact they employ the very latest technology, they generally have excellent application characteristics and perform just as well, if not better in terms of durability, appearance retention and quality of finish.

The Challenge

Without doubt, one of the biggest challenges for manufacturers has been the development of ‘2010 compliant’ alkyd based gloss coating systems that match up to the performance of their predecessors in every way. 

Decorators love to use gloss trim paints produced on alkyd resins because they give a very high gloss finish and tend to be very easy to apply.

This technology does however have a downside. In order to facilitate proper drying, particular chemicals have to be added to the formulation.

The curing process continues after the paint film is dry and as part of that process, over time, all alkyd paints ‘yellow’. In order to reduce solvent levels sufficiently to comply with the most recent round of legislation, higher solids resins (typically yellow coloured constituents such as linseed, soya and tall oil) have been used.

The drying mechanism remains the same, however, and because there is now more solid resin present, there is an even higher propensity for the paint film to yellow, in certain situations, as it cures.

In a nutshell, the ‘2010 compliant’ glosses produced by all paint manufacturers using alkyd technology can ‘yellow’ more quickly than their previous formulations when subjected to particular conditions.

Taking The Lead

In recent months we have recognised that this can be a particular concern for contractors and clients in the new build sector. We have explored the issue thoroughly and have taken a lead by developing a high performance alternative to the alkyd based gloss systems currently available, which not only eliminates yellowing completely but which offers a host of additional benefits for the contractor and the housing developer alike.

Before introducing our solution, let’s look at why accelerated yellowing can occur in new build situations.  We know that the problem can be exacerbated by a number of external factors, such as a lack of natural light, which can be a feature of many new build developments, particularly new apartment buildings.

We also know that yellowing can be accelerated when gloss systems are applied over substrates commonly used in new build, such as MDF, and when they are exposed to fumes given off by certain adhesives and building compounds.

The Solution

Given these circumstances, our firm recommendation is for house builders and their painting and decorating contractors to make the switch to the Crown Trade New Build Acrylic Gloss System, a more eco-friendly trim coating than traditional gloss and one which will not lose its whiteness over time, whatever the conditions.

The combination of our New Build Acrylic Primer Undercoat followed by two coats of New Build Acrylic Gloss will deliver an exceptionally durable high gloss finish that will retain its sheen level. It also offers a closer match to the acrylic pre-finished materials which are increasingly being used for doors and other interior fittings.

It has less odour than traditional gloss and there’s a much lower risk of sagging. It’s quick drying, which means a three-coat system can be completed rapidly, and once the job is completed, all equipment can all be cleaned up in water rather than solvent. The same gloss system can be used throughout the property, indoors and out and can be applied at temperatures as low as 5oc.

Furthermore, a major benefit is the fact that home purchasers will get a finish which keeps its ‘just painted’ whiteness and sheen level for several years.

Making The Switch

We understand that some of your painting contractors will prefer to use solvent based glosses as they are naturally easier to apply and achieve a high gloss finish with.

However, having trialled our Crown Trade New Build Acrylic Gloss system extensively we know that the benefits far outweigh any inconvenience caused by having to slightly adapt  application techniques. With this in mind, we have produced a DVD guide to help contractors get the best out of the New Build Acrylic Gloss system.

Solvent-borne alkyd based gloss coatings are going to remain in the sights of the European legislators. The last round of legislation to reduce VOC emissions was tough, but was by no means the end of the matter. Indeed there are many who believe that the use of solvents in decorative coatings could eventually be removed altogether.

Fortunately we have developed a high performance alternative solution in the shape of Crown Trade New Build Acrylic Gloss. It’s time to break with tradition and make the switch.”

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