Antaris Solar joins with Ecomerchant to promote solar photovoltaic (PV) in the UK

Antaris Solar (Germany) has announced that it is launching a strategic…

Antaris Solar (Germany) has announced that it is launching a strategic partnership in the UK with Ecomerchant, the sustainable trading arm of Burdens Ltd, the national civils to construction materials group.

This follows Antaris Solar being awarded the British Microgeneration Certificate (MCS) for its PV modules by the British Standards Institute (BSI). The certification requires detailed testing of all production processes and a thorough assessment of product performance. The MCS certificate confirms that the solar modules comply with or surpass the PV module standards applicable in the UK.

“Antaris Solar and Ecomerchant have agreed to work together to promote the deployment of solar PV technology in the UK and to encourage individuals and organisations to make the most of the Feed-In Tariff incentive scheme put in place by the UK Government in April 2010”, states Juergen Kalesse, international sales director for Antaris Solar. Mr Kalesse went on to say that the Feed-in Tariff scheme makes investment in solar PV systems a realistic alternative to traditional long-term investments, as well as providing a hedge against rising power bills.

Joe Wild, founder and MD of Ecomerchant, said “The partnership will enable us to tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience gained from manufacturing and installing large-scale PV systems, as well as delivering quality solar products that will fully support customers in the years to come.” Mr Wild added that there is currently not enough emphasis on long-term product reliability – something that is essential as PV installations need to run for over 25 years to make the most of the Government’s incentives.

Based in Bavaria, Anatris Solar is one of the leading providers of solar PV photovoltaic technologies in Europe. It designs, manufacturers and distributes complete packages to deliver renewable energy to households, businesses and organisations. Equipment includes modules, inverters, cabling and mounting components for PV arrays ranging in size from small domestic installations to megawatt solar farms, with high-quality mounting systems for flat and pitched roofs as well as for ground-mounted arrays.

Ecomerchant is dedicated to trading ethical, sustainable and healthy building products and encourages the deployment of renewable energy technologies to help reduce carbon footprint, power bills and fuel poverty. As part of the Burdens group, the company has a national presence and aims to be the leading provider of eco-friendly construction products in the UK.

For further information: Joe Wild, managing director Ecomerchant, tel: 01795 530130 email, website

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