Beam goes green with limited edition unit

The popular Beam Platinum 335 central vacuum from Total Home Environment is now available in a limited edition all-in-one green unit for a special offer price of just £599 + VAT.

The limited edition metallic emerald green unit, made by Electrolux, has a built-in LCD display to monitor system operation, total operating hours, time and temperature as well as keeping track of dirt bucket capacity for optimum system performance.

The special edition unit also comes with a remote speed control hose to provide further energy savings and a kit of three inlets for a standard four-bedroom house included in the package.

All-in-one packaging of the unit with a 4 piece cleaning set reduce packaging materials and lower transportation resources.

The Beam Platinum central vacuum systems from Total Home Environment add value to both new build and refurbished properties through its economy, performance and creation of a healthier living space. The highly efficient motor provides 600 airwatts of suction – 3 times that of a portable, whilst consuming 18% less energy than a standard vacuum system for the highest level of energy efficient performance.

The green unit meets all European energy standards and European regulations for recyclable materials and has a self-cleaning filter, eliminating the need to replace the filter or purchase separate dust bags for the unit.

The Beam 335 central vacuum has over 10 years of tested cleaning performance with regular home cleaning and an estimated product life of over 25 years.

The promotional offer from Total Home Environment also includes the option to purchase additional complete ducting kits for a reduced price of £29 + VAT. This includes 6m of ducting, fittings, a designer wall inlet and an installation guide. A design guide is available at to help determine how many inlets a property requires.

Further information is available from Total Home Environment on 0845 260 0123, email or by visiting the company’s website at

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