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Les Wicks, Head of Product at domestic appliances manufacturer Beko…

Les Wicks, Head of Product at domestic appliances manufacturer Beko looks at the drive for greater energy efficiency in the sector

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of domestic appliances, Beko is strongly committed to energy efficiency and sustainability.
The Beko range of 60cm Built-In ovens and gas hobs has recently been awarded Energy Saving Trust Recommended (ESTR) certification which recognises the cooking and energy efficiency of the ovens and is a testament to the company’s ongoing investment in the manufacture of affordable energy-efficient products.

Energy efficiency is a major factor driving today’s appliance sector. The EST estimates that electrical appliances account for a third of household energy bills and well over a quarter of a household’s carbon dioxide emissions.

Beko appliances suitable for the new build market

In addition to low energy usage, low water consumption and low noise are also significant factors for today’s housebuilders and contractors.

Beko produces one of the world’s fastest and most energy-efficient washing machines, its dishwashers are AAA-rated or better, and its built-in ovens are rated A -20%, with one of its new built-in ovens rated A -30%.

The latest example of Beko’s energy-saving credentials is its new DW686 full size integrated dishwasher. Features include minimal 10 litre water consumption, whisper-quiet 44db operation and turbo fan drying system. Given its ratings of A++ for energy efficiency and A for both cleaning and drying performance, this new model is a great addition to any kitchen.

Beko’s new eco brochure

To communicate the energy-saving features of its growing Built-In Collection, Beko has just produced an eco brochure, targeted at housebuilders, specifiers and contractors which highlights all the key energy savings features of the Beko built in range.

Sustainability trends in the kitchen sector

To help housebuilders meet the stringent controls of codes 4 and 5 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, Beko appliances deliver the high sustainability, high performance and low energy usage demanded by today’s industry, local planning departments and housebuyers.
Sustainability, already a major factor for housebuilders and appliance suppliers, looks set to become even more critical in the future. The UK’s ageing and growing population can only put more pressure on the environment – especially considering Britain’s population is growing at twice the EU average.

That will mean more homes, more kitchens, more appliances – and ultimately, greater need for sustainable homes and energy-efficient appliances.

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