Compact, high performance Biowin for larger properties

The new compact, high output BioWIN Excel wood pellet boiler from Windhager…

The new compact, high output BioWIN Excel wood pellet boiler from Windhager UK is the perfect solution for larger properties with heating requirements of up to 180kW.

Extensively tried and tested, the pellet heating technology has been adapted especially for high performance, focusing on maximum operational safety, fuel efficiency and economic operation for cost savings.

The high output BioWIN uses a new, patented fully automatic pellet feed suction system not used on any other boiler system in the world. The flexible system uses up to eight extraction points within the bulk pellet hopper, making the system incredibly reliable and space saving as pellet storage rooms incorporating inclined surfaces are no longer required.

An installation footprint of just 1.12m2 is all that is required for the BioWIN Excel. The BioWIN Excel is a fully automatic appliance and incorporates fully automated cleaning functions, ash removal, intermediate pellet hopper and a large ash box.

The BioWIN Excel has a number of features to reduce system maintenance and increase levels of comfort and efficiency including a fully automatic patented ash-sliding grate under the burner running in opposite directions about every six hours to ensure a clean burner bowl. The burner grate fully opens to allow larger pieces of residue left from combustion to be reliably removed for long and continuous burner operation as ash is removed at the same time as pellets are drawn into the burner.

The large ash box integrated into the unit holds ash from up to 8 tonnes of pellets, extending the intervals between emptying to just 1 to 3 times per heating season. Long cleaning intervals can also be attributed to the fully automatic heating surface cleaning as the ash generated is automatically conveyed to the ash box via two augers.

The high output BioWIN is available in outputs of 35kW, 45kW and 60kW and is available in a cascade version up to 180kW, making it the ideal heating solution for large buildings, hotels, schools, public buildings, apartment blocks and district heating systems.

The BioWIN Excel is also available as a pre-packaged plant room for a total turn key solution for an energy efficient renewable heating solution.

Windhager’s system technology means that like all its biomass boilers, the BioWIN can be combined with other heating components such as wood or solar thermal, hot water tanks, buffer solutions and control systems to provide an energy efficient, heating solution.

Since the publication of the RHI Heat Incentive in March 2011 Windhager has seen an increase in enquiries and orders for its product range. The greatest increase has been in the non-domestic sector with many projects such as schools, hotels, nursing homes and commercial properties now specifying Windhager products due to a greater drive to reduce fossil fuel consumption and move to a more sustainable carbon neutral heating system.

Further information is available from Windhager UK on 01249 446616, email: or by visiting the company’s website at

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