Crown Trade Strengthens Acrylic Offer For New Build Sector

Specifers in the new build sector can now achieve a contemporary, elegant finish for wood and metal …

Specifers in the new build sector can now achieve a contemporary, elegant finish for wood and metal surfaces with the launch of Crown Trade’s virtually solvent-free Acrylic Satin system. 

The premium product has been developed with a specific focus on the new build sector and follows on from the launch earlier this year of Crown Trade’s New Build Acrylic Gloss system.

Both systems have been introduced as a logical alternative to the many traditionally formulated alkyd based satin and gloss trim coatings on the market, all of which have the propensity to ‘yellow’ over time.

Crown Trade Senior Brand Manager Debbie Orr, said: “Alkyd-based gloss and satin trim coatings all contain chemicals that will cause decorative finishes to ‘yellow’ over time, a problem which became more pronounced when manufacturers reduced solvent levels to comply with the most recent round of VOC legislation. 

“Accelerated yellowing seems to be most prevalent in the new build market where these traditional finishes are applied over substrates such as MDF or are exposed to certain adhesives and building compounds.

“Crown Trade’s new acrylic finishes will not visibly yellow over time no matter what the conditions.

“In terms of whiteness and sheen level they also offer a better match from the outset to the pre-finished doors and much of the contemporary furniture found in the modern home – and now there’s a choice of satin, as well as gloss finish.”

For further information please contact the Crown Trade Customer Relations Team on 0845 389 9583, email or visit

To help customers to get the best results using the new Acrylic Satin and New Build Acrylic Gloss coating systems, Crown Trade has produced an informative video which can be viewed at Crown’s new YouTube channel, and free copies can also be obtained in DVD format from the Crown Trade Customer Relations team. Please call 0845 389 9583 or email  for your free copy. 


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