Dulux Trade introduces new colour palette

The latest Colour Palette and digital tools from Dulux Trade have just been launched

Bursting with the freshest and most prevalent shades around today, the latest Colour Palette and digital tools from Dulux Trade have just been launched.  Boasting a staggering 2,079 tones – reflecting the most popular, commercial and trend colours along with a sophisticated online offering, it is easy to see why this is an essential colour package for any specifier in helping them to design, create and totally transform architectural spaces.

From a brand that wholly understands colour, how it is perceived and the impact this can have on design, the updated professional colour package helps to ease the pressure colour specification can bring. Colour is an intensely individual choice and so this extensive suite of innovative tools is designed to make it easier for designers, architects and other specifiers to select, share and specify hues in a way that adds a whole new creative dimension to the task.  

Dulux Trade is the only paint manufacturer in the UK to offer such an extensive free colour package and over the years, this has proved an indispensible item for professional specifiers.

Joanne McMullen Colour Services Activation Manager at Dulux Trade explains: “Through our understanding of the transformational power of colour and how important it is to offer the right selection of hues, it was felt that this was the right time to review and extend our professional Colour Palette range.  We have taken into account global colour popularity and current trends, as well as meeting the needs of our customers with the finest range of hues reproduced to a high quality in both physical and digital formats.”

 “We also used this as an opportunity to update the look and feel of the fandeck so the new design is more robust and easier to navigate.  By removing some of the sub-divisions present in previous versions, the layout better reflects the flow of the artists colour wheel.”

Now complete with an increased neutrals section and over 800 new shades, the fandeck is arranged by hue with clearer sections.  It is intuitive to use with improved chromatic colour flow and an added tonal structure for each stripe card – flowing from light to dark.  However, what stands this colour package apart from any other offering is the digital aspect that allows specifiers to create something that is completely new and exciting – bringing designs to life and therefore providing clients with a highly sophisticated visual aid.

With a free tablet app, ‘Dulux Trade Paint Expert for Interior Designers’, users can easily create digital moodboards to share with clients.  With simple colour coordination and selection, specifiers can incorporate external imagery into full design moodboards to help with designs, all the while being inspired by the interactive gallery. 

The ‘Dulux Trade Paint Expert for Specifiers’ now features a visualizer functionality, along with the completely updated colour fandeck range, with full LRV information also displayed. Additionally, the digital suite of tools includes a Colour Palette plug-in where users can import exact colours into CAD and Photoshop packages.

This is a truly integrated and flexible set of professional colour tools, specifically developed to provide fresh inspiration and support to specifiers and designers.  Furthermore, being backed by a trusted brand that understands the transformation of colour, users can have complete confidence that these thoughtfully designed tools will facilitate all specifications to meet tough legislative and client requirements. 


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