Earthy Colours, Calming Neutrals and The New Home Office

Earthy Colours, Calming Neutrals and The New Home Office

We’ve all been spending a lot of time at home this year and we want to make our homes look as fabulous as ever. As many have rearranged their space to accommodate working from home, it looks like the home office is here to stay as Eleanor Sweeney from Ophelia Blake looks into the Autumn and Winter interior design trends of 2020.

The Home Office
Wondering how you can dress your home office ready for autumn/winter? Here are Ophelia Blakes top five tips:

1. Use table lamps and candles to create a softer, cosier ambiance in your home office. Select a lamp shade which brings a pop of colour into your room, perhaps a deep green, burnt orange or dark burgundy.
2. Introduce soft furnishings where possible. Use an array of cushions in different sizes, colours and fabric textures. Don’t be afraid of mixing colours in the deep autumnal pallet that may vary in different textures like a wool blend, plush velvet or faux fur. Introduce throws that are a contrasting fabric texture to your cushions to really add depth into the room. The key is layers!
3. If your room allows, introduce a log burner fire. Complete your new fire with a fire set and wicker log basket filled with logs.
4. Introduce a fabric voile in your windows to really soften the natural light that enters the room.
5. Your colour palette needs to be full of rich tones typically associated with autumn.

Earthy Colours
If you’re thinking of adding depth and warm to a room, a soft earthy colour is the way to go. Inspiration is taken from the earth’s natural materials like wood and stone, and from this we get a palette which is diverse enough to be used in any interior.

Dulux recently announced the Colour of the Year 2021 to be ‘Brave Ground’, said to encourage connection and collaboration and bring a sense of community and harmony into the home.

Your colour palette wants to consist of subtle brown towns, burnt oranges, deep ochre yellows and some neutral textures brought in through decorative items. We recommend using textured vases, hand-blown glass vases and artificial flowers to complete the look.

Calming Neutrals
There is a growing trend in creating a very natural, calming interior that uses predominantly whites and beiges in the main aspects of the room while introducing a delicate secondary colour in the finishing touches. Patterns and textures may be introduced in rugs and cushions and the introduction of dried flowers that bring in elements of colour and texture in their natural form.


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