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Electrical accessories manufacturer, Focus SB has come up with the solution to one of modern life’s great annoyances; tripping over the lead when charging a phone

Electrical accessories manufacturer, Focus SB has come up with the solution to one of modern life’s great annoyances; tripping over the lead when charging a phone.

Focus SB’s innovative new Ambassador mobile phone charging station features a special phone holder to keep the charging lead tidy and hidden from view, and reducing the potential trip hazard. 

The holder is designed to fit a standard Wandsworth two gang 13 amp socket, and can be easily mounted to the wall in place of an existing flat plate.

“For years our customers have asked us to find a practical and stylish solution to charging mobile phones safely,” says Managing Director of Focus SB, Roger Kemp. “The new Ambassador mobile phone charger holder gives users a designated location to safely charge their phone without having unsightly leads trailing everywhere, reducing the risk of damage to both phone and user.

“With aesthetics in mind, the stylish fitting is available in a number of different finishes; from polished chrome, nickel and brass to custom colours, to effortlessly match the design theme of the room. The pocket has been designed to stow most popular brands of handsets, from the iPhone to Sony Ericsson, with the option for either a double holder to charge two phones simultaneously, or a single holder to either the left or the right of the socket. 

“The sleek Ambassador mobile phone charger is ideally suited to style conscious private homes and executive hotel suites, where the need for an attractive alternative to unsightly wires is at a premium,” Roger concludes.

Focus SB’s bespoke design and manufacturing service has also produced a 50 gang plate for a private dwelling in Scotland – from initial design to delivery took the Hastings based company six weeks including amends to the silk screening and engraving.

The designers at Focus SB were noticing a rise in demand for custom built AV plates to fit the modules needed for DVD, TV and various music players, so decided to detail its potential offering in a new brochure illustrating the near endless combination of AV plates and modules it can produce.

Roger Kemp adds: “With the number of multimedia players now available we have been seeing a marked increase in orders for multi module plates. We can offer a bespoke service – from initial drawings through to the final design, with silk screening and engraving too.”

Due to its ability to design and manufacturer special wiring accessories, Focus SB is able to incorporate the modules and devices which are used to fully integrate multi-room sound and entertainment systems, lighting and heating controls or other types of control devices.

As one of the few UK companies to make its own metal and clear acrylic thermoplastic plates, Focus SB can manufacture any quantity without the need for long lead times.

Where required, these high specification plates can be engraved or silk screen printed with lettering to identify the function of each individual switch or control on a multi-gang plate. For example, on one plate in the lounge, switches can be allocated functions including ‘TV, PlayStation and Music’.

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